Master of Educational Sciences in English

Master of Educational Sciences in English

MES English ·
2 years

M.Ed. English is a two  year, 4 semester master degree program of Mid Western University School of Pedagogical Education and Freedom. The objective of the course is to prepare highly competent educators and to enhance the quality of education in the diversifying contexts of a globalized world in which education is the key to the success of both individuals and societies. Students will acquire scientific expertise in the field of education and will be able to work with theories and analyze and develop educational practices. 

Job Prospects

The program prepares students to work as experts in a variety of educational settings, for example, as educational planners, consultants, coordinators, teachers, teacher educators or researchers.

Curricular Structure

Semester wise Breakdown of the Courses

Semester I

EDU 511: Philosophical Foundations of Education (6)

EDU 512: Education and Development (6)

ENG 513: Advanced English Grammar and its Pedagogy

ENG 514: Sociolinguistics

ENG 515: SLA Theories

ENG 516: Drama and Poetry

Semester II

EDU 521: Managing Diversity in Education

EDU 522: Application of Learning Theories in Education

EDU 523: Research Methods in Education

ENG 524: Fiction and Prose

ENG 525: Research Issues in Applied Linguistics

ENG 526: Nepalese English and Nepalese ELT

Semester III

ENG 531: Explorations in English Language Teaching (ELT) and Classroom Survey

ENG 532: Critical Discourse Analysis

ENG 533: Assessment in ELT

ENG 534: Task-based Language Teaching and Trainer Development

ENG 535: Translation in Theory and Action

ENG 536: Academic Reading and Writing

Semester IV

ENG 541: Student Teaching: on-campus

ENG 542: Student Teaching: off-campus

ENG 543Thesis Writing (12 Credits)