M Ed in STEAM Education (One Year)

M Ed in STEAM Education (One Year)

Master of Philosophy
1 year
  • Fee:NPR 125,000

M Ed in STEAM Education (One Year) is recently launched program by Kathmandu University, School of Education (KUSOED).

The program is structured as a one-year (two semesters) program for regular students. In the case of part-time students, they are required to complete the program in two years. 

Program Objectives

The Master of Education (One Year) program intends to promote innovative approaches by combining global and local perspectives of education and primarily aimed to produce education professionals (e.g., teacher trainers, curriculum developers, material developers, program coordinators, and headteachers) dedicated to basic education. Additionally, it addresses the demands of integrating elements of cognitive and effective domains of learning in order to develop competent education professionals at any level. This M Ed program aims at showcasing teacher education programs as an enterprise of lifelong learning that is grounded in holistic, context-based and multi-methods approach to educational practice and research. After the completion of the course, the students will be enabled to:

  • Design trans, multi and interdisciplinary curricula through STEAM Education perspectives; 
  • Develop a sound understanding of STEAM Education and practitioners research in the field of STEAM Education; 
  • Develop competences in using ICT tools in pedagogical contexts for meaningful and engaged learning; 
  • Adapt innovative pedagogical approaches (such as design thinking) to enable learners as innovative problem solvers; 
  • Facilitate the process of developing human and other resources in the field of STEAM Education; 
  • Contribute to the process of the transformation of educational practices with an emphasis on skills development in the context of contemporary instructional strategies; 
  • Embrace innovation and creativity in their roles as instructional leaders in the field of STEAM education; and 
  • Prepare teaching and learning resources for instructional practices based on STEAM perspectives.


The candidates having a Master's degree in any discipline from a university or an institution recognized by Kathmandu University are eligible to apply in the M.Ed (One Year) Program in STEAM Education. 

Curricular Structure

The program is for two semesters. There are nine courses for 27 credits comprising two Core Courses (6 credits), five Professional Courses (15 credits) and two Practical Courses (6 Credits). 

Apart from these courses, non-credit workshops shall be offered. The weightage of such workshop shall be 30 hours per semester. 

Core (6 Cr) 

EDUC 508: Theory and Practice in Education (3) 

EDUC 509: Research Methodology (3) 

Specialization (9 Cr)

STEAM Ed 501: ICT in STEAM Education (3)

 STEAM Ed 511: Innovative Pedagogics (3) 

STEAM Ed 521: Curriculum Leadership (3)

Electives (any two) (6 Cr) 

STEAM ED 520 Resource Material Development in STEAM Education

STEAM Ed 525 Education for Sustainable Development (3) 

STEAM Ed 530 Action Research (3) 

STEAM Ed 535: Perspectives In STEAM Education 

STEAM Ed 540 STEAM Pedagogy for Mathematics(3) 

STEAM Ed 545 STEAM Pedagogy for Science Education (3) 

STEAM Ed 550 STEAM Pedagogy for Language Arts Education (3) 

STEAM Ed 555 Creative Arts in STEAM Education (3) 

STEAM Ed 560 Gender and IK in STEAM Education (3) 

STEAM Ed 570: Advanced Topics In STEAM Education (3)  

Practical Courses (6 Cr)

STEAM Ed 541 STEAM Educational Research Project (3)   

STEAM Ed 544 Practicum (3) 

Special feature

Non-credit workshops in key areas of arts and technology. 

One Year M Ed in STEAM Education Full Curriculum