J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus

Lahan, Siraha

The JS Murarka Multiple Campus, Siraha, is a community campus affiliated with Tribhuvan University. This higher education institution is QAA Accreditated by University Grant Commission (UGC) Nepal on 1 September 2019, and the accreditation will be valid until 31 August 2024


J.S. Murarka Campus is located in Lahan. It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and is offering Bachelors and Masters level program. Its sister concern J.S. Murarka Secondary School offers school level education. 

J.S. Murarka Multiple Campus Lahan, Siraha is a community campus established In 2044 BS. The campus has its own building granted by the renowned social worker and business entrepreneur, late Prameshwor Murarka and his brothers.

The college is established with the collaborative efforts to fulfill the demands of people in the field of education. The college is offering +2 level to post graduate level in humanities, education, management and science. The campus has successfully completed the SHEP program of UGC and has been selected for its HERP program, out of forty five community colleges nationally. 


To be a model institution for producing qualified, skilled and devoted human resources. 


The mission of this campus is to contribute for building prosperous society by producing updated and efficient human resources providing research and practical based quality education under well physical facilitated infrastructure, good governance, mobilization of local resources, stakeholders’ participation and their access as well. 


  1. To enhance access to quality education with effective management and well facilitated physical infrastructure for sustainable development
  2. To mobilize the local resources with the active participation of the stakeholders
  3. To develop and expand its policy and procedures as well as research based activities and linkage with other organizations for the institutional development of the campus, and
  4. To organize different workshops, seminars and trainings for the professional development of the staff.


  1. To develop well managed physical infrastructure as per need
  2. To make the administrative activities well managed and effective
  3. To maintain the updated educational environment
  4. To maintain it as a green and clean Institution
  5. To expand the interaction with the stakeholders
  6. To mobilize the local donors and well wishers for their contribution
  7. To mobilize the internal and external resources,
  8. To form and apply the required policy and plan in the Institution
  9. To manage the ways of reducing hazards in the Institution
  10. To manage the modernized information systems
  11. To expand the academic programs as per need
  12. To maintain and promote the research oriented activities
  13. To organize workshops, trainings, conferences, etc. for developing the quality of the staff and students as well.
  14. To achieve the certificate of QAA (Quality Assurance and Accreditation)


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