Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus

Chhorepatan, Pokhara, Pokhara Lekhnath, Kaski
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Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus (GMMC) is located in Chhorepatan, Pokhara in the Kaski district. It runs under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University and offers various Bachelor's and Master's level courses:

Salient Features

The college is run in a state of art building suitable for pedagogy. The modern building contains spacious classrooms, computer lab, library, administrative rooms, a seminar hall and the main hall suitable for various programmes. The campus has a library with sufficient textbooks and reference books. The computer lab, with more than a dozen of computers, is equipped with round the clock internet facility without any charge to the students. 

Admission Guidelines

Students who have passed secondary level (Class 12) or equivalent level which has been recognized by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education are eligible for admission in four years programme of BBS and B. Ed. 


The college welcomes newcomers for quality education from every sphere of life. It offers wide spectrum of scholarships to the deserving students.

 Students can study under the full and partially provisioned scholarships: 

70% and Above Scorers (in + 2) 100% waiver on tuition fee 65% to 69% Scorers (in +2) 75% waiver on tuition fee 60% to 64% Scorers (in +2) 25% waiver on tuition fee 70% and Above Scorers (in + 2) 100% waiver on tuition fee 65% to 69% Scorers (in +2) 75% waiver on tuition fee 60% to 64% Scorers (in +2) 50% waiver on tuition fee Students scoring the highest marks in the annual examinations in both streams are also entitled to full scholarship. +2 toppers from any institution scoring no less than 60% marks also deserve 100% waiver on tuition fee. 

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Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus (GMMC), running under the benefaction of Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, is the outcome of collective efforts of academic personalities, political activists, religious-minded people, and enthusiastic social campaigners, who are dedicated to developing Chhorepatan as the center of academic excellence.

Adjacent to the world-famous gorgeous Devis Fall, GMMC is situated within the spacious premise of Gupteshwor Mahadve Cave at Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City-17, Chhorepatan. GMMC was established in 2065 which is one of the affiliated campuses of Tribhuvan University that views education as an essential and foremost phenomenon for the overall development of quality human life. GMMC is a public and non-profit making campus which is exclusively devoted to producing self-reliant individuals for the nation. At present, the campus is the home for students from Kaski, Syangja, Parbat, and other neighboring districts.

The campus is always committed to achieving its objective of producing efficient, qualitative, and market-oriented human resources through academic exposure. Moreover, the campus focuses not only on mere pedagogy but also on seminars, presentations, talk programs, and field visits so that students can be acquainted with their probable working environments as well. 

GMMC possesses the belief of conveying recent and scientific education based on societal needs, national interest, international norms, and latest practices in the academic world irrespective of religion, caste, creed, nationality, ethnicity, etc. thereby contributing to the development of human resources of the self-sustaining teaching-learning world. To be precise, our sole aim is to provide our students, at an affordable cost, with quality education and help them carve out the best careers for themselves. To be very specific GMMC is dedicated to: Provide qualitative education to needy, poor, and marginalized students. Create a sound academic environment by highly experienced and qualified teachers who have already gained years of experience in teaching colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University. Endow with job-oriented, productive, and skill-oriented education. Uplift the educational status of the nation through disciplined and qualitative education. Produce self-disciplined, laborious, and proficient manpower. Empower self-employment and create job opportunities for unemployed people. Addition of professional and contemporary marketable disciplines. 

Bachelor Programs

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • Bachelor of Information Management (BIM)
  • Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
  • Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.)

Master Programs

  • Master of Business Studies (MBS)

Message from the Chairman

Bhupati Dhaka "Kamal"

Dear prospective students, parents and well-wishers,  First of all, I would like to heartily welcome you for choosing Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus (GMMC) as the destination of your academic career. I am always appreciative to the enthusiastic social activists of this area for their uninterrupted support in the academic growth of GMMC right from its commencement. We have established GMMC with the serene motive of providing quality higher education to needy students of Chhorepatan and surrounding areas. Within the very short span of time this campus has became the common platform for the students from a dozen of districts across the country. Our sole aim is to offer quality education to the students so that they can make outstanding career growth when they enter into their professional life. The college is non-profit making institute exclusively dedicated to the overall enhancement of humanity through quality education. We pay special attention to build equal opportunity to educate women, poor, marginalized, and ethnic minority groups that would enable them to become qualitative human resources for the society and the strong pillars for overall national development. Lastly, I am sure all concerned students and guardians have chosen the right destination for their higher studies. 

Prof. Dr. Bhupati Dhaka "Kamal"

Message from the Chairperson

Dear Students, Parents and Well-wishers, On behalf of Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, I would like to welcome you all in the premise of this beautiful shrine and cave. With the joint effort of religious minded people, social and political activists, Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus was established in 2065 with the motive to educate students from all walks of life. I am quite sure that the college will be able to turn the expectation of society into reality. Since Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave is the patron of GMMC, the cave is solely responsible for maintaining financial decision of the campus and whenever needed, the cave is ever-ready to provide any sort of financial help to the college. Moreover, I would like to urge the college management committee and the college administration to add up more programs like BBA, BHM, MBS and other relevant programs to suit the present demand of society. For this purpose, the cave management committee is ready to provide financial help and take necessary action for the same. Anticipating your bright and prosperous future here at GMMC.

Bishnu Prasad Paudel

Message from the Campus Chief

Manoranj Sharma

I heartily welcome you new-comers from schools far and near across the nation at this college. Hunting for an ideal college in your pursuance of higher education is of course a matter of great trials and tribulations. You are obsessed with the only wish to serendipity a college that can accomplish your life's career-related schoolings and accomplishments. On this ground, with solemn assurance, I wish to say that you've eventually spotted the college that assures to dissipate you with the values and associations essential to meet the national as well as global levels of academic and career development skills. I should say GMMC shall definitely prove to you your desired and best selection for you can see the educational highlights from the very outset of your enrolment here. Nestled amid the green forests of Raniban and reverberating Davis fall stream, the college locates at a serene and peaceful milieu desirous to welcome you every instance, the venue which I strongly believe is one of the prime requisites for the conduction of sound pedagogic activities. The faculties are long experienced and veterans in their respective disciplines ready to dissect and analyze your quandaries and queries to your optimal satisfaction. The physical infrastructures' accessibility is ample to fulfill every administrative and educational purpose. The existing library is full-fledged with volumes, basic texts, reference volumes, national and international dailies and magazines and as such to quench your intense academic and career-related thirst for skills and knowledge. Necessary assignments have been accomplished and required documents submitted to the concerned Dean Offices at Tribhuvan University for the operation of BHM (Bachelors in Hotel Management) and MBS (Masters in Business Studies) right from this year. The college shall keep on expanding its academic milieu through addition of diverse disciplines based on top priorities in the market. Lastly, but not the least, the college's uninterrupted crusade for materialization of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) Certification shall in the very near future validate a hallmark, criteria set to function the college on standard international level. With great hope to enjoy your company, I once again welcome you all. 

Manoranj Sharma
Campus Chief