International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (IST College)

Gyaneshwor, Opposite to German Embassy, Kathmandu
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IST College is a QAA Certified Institute, Accredited by UGC, Nepal. IST is offering FHS Diploma in Hotel Management (BHM) and FHS Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM) with affiliation from Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Salient Features

Key Features of IST College:

  1. Flexible Course Module with multiple entry & exit points
  2. Dynamic Degree
  3. Credit Transfer to Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and Canada
  4. International Recognition
  5. Regular visiting faculties
  6. Frequent flying faculties
  7. Bank Financing for deserving students
  8. Internship in Nepal or abroad
  9. Job Placement Services


  1. Spacious Class Room
  2. PMS Lab
  3. Fully equipped Audio Visual Hall
  4. Multipurpose Hall
  5. Conference Hall
  6. Computer Lab with easy access to internet
  7. Mock up Room with necessary amenities
  8. Well designed Demo Restaurant & Bar
  9. Fully equipped Practical Kitchen
  10. Practical Bar
  11. Resourceful Library
  12. Individual Locker
  13. Indoor and Outdoor Game
  14. Cafeteria
  15. Transportation

Partner Universities

  1. Salzburg Tourism School, Austria
  2. Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Austria
  3. Southern New Hampshire University, USA
  4. International College of Hotel Management, Adelaide, Australia
  5. Charles Darwin University, Australia
  6. Centennial College, Canada
  7. Griffith College Dublin, Ireland
  8. Sanya Aviation and Tourism College, China
  9. Rajabhat University, Thailand
  10. Shinawatra University, Thailand

Admission Guidelines

Eligibility requirements for enrollment in programs of IST College:

A. FHS Diploma in Hotel Management (Bachelor level)

Students who have successfully completed a 10+2, High School Diploma, PCL, 'A' Level or equivalent with at least D+ Grade are eligible to enroll in this program.

Step 1 – College Visit

The dedicated team of IST College is always ready to offer counseling to provide in-depth information. The College will provide overall information about the course structure, course perspective, fee structure, property visit, internship facility, opportunity after the completion of the course, and other facilities.

Step 2 – Form Submission

After the counseling, if the student wants to pursue the course the following is required:

  • Completed and signed enrollment application form;
  • A copy of Curriculum Vitae/Resume including special interests and activities;
  • A Copy of Citizenship;
  • 3 recent Passport size photos;
  • A Copy of SLC Mark sheet;
  • A copy of School Leaving/Transfer Certificate;
  • A Copy of Character Certificate – SEE/SLC;
  • A Copy of +2 Transcript;
  • One Motivational Essay regarding your choice to study Hotel Management at IST.

Step 3 – Entrance Examination

  • There will be a written examination of 1.5 hours.
  • There will be a psychometric test to check the competency level of the candidate.

Step 4 -   Group Discussion and Personal Interview

  • Candidates who pass the written examination will have to participate in the Group Discussion. This process will help the candidate to express their views about the given topic
  • After Group Discussion the candidate will have to go through one on one Personal Interview. 

Step 5 – Selection for Admission

  • Selected students will be issued with an Enrollment Slip.
  • During the admission time student will also be given a Commitment Letter regarding the Code and Conduct of IST which needs to be signed and returned during admission.
  • The student will get admitted once the required fee is cleared.
  • Orientation and class commencement dates will be announced accordingly.




IST provides an opportunity for a 12-month internship in China, 12 months in Dubai, 6 months in Malaysia, and 6 months in India respectively.

Hospitality education is such an education where the future professionals learn the industry insight in campus and relate the same and harness their skill during the industry internship. So IST not only provides a campus educational facility but also provides an excellent platform for its students through well-crafted internship opportunities in five start deluxe properties in countries like China, Dubai, Malaysia, India, Nepal, and many more. In this connection, IST will provide different international internship opportunities in new tourist destinations in the days to come.

This international internship provides the students with an overview of the world hospitality trend, the latest innovation and traditions, and cultures of different nationalities which facilitate them to adjust in any situation. With the focus on academic knowledge, practical know-how, disciplinary aspect of the students, IST has been able to instill the “service orientation” in the students’ minds which have become the positive feature of IST Graduates who are progressing and leading in many hospitality-related outlets like hotels, airlines, cruise, educational institutions, around the globe.

Career Services

International School of Tourism and Hotel Management is highly committed not only to providing quality education to its current students but also to providing the platform for the prospects of higher studies and career opportunities in IST itself and in the industry too.

There are regular inquiries and campus recruitment from hospitality industry which is immediately conveyed to the graduates and they get benefited immediately. Moreover, since IST students have created such a positive impression about the college to the industry that the college has been very successful in placing the graduates in lucrative jobs.

Countless management positions in leading hotel and tourism organizations throughout the world are occupied by IST-educated professionals, which is proof alone that an IST education could be a student's key to success.


  • Best Tourism and Hotel Management College of Nepal

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IST Secondary School
IST Secondary School
  • Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu


International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (IST College), affiliated to Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria, has been established in 2004 A.D. with a view of producing world-class human resource to provide to the overwhelming need of the hospitality industries by offering various academic degrees and training packages as per international standard. It offers +2 Management Diploma in Hotel / Tourism Management and FHS Diploma in Hotel Management.

IST College aims at developing practical, managerial and communication skills and provides each individual student with the know-how for a successful career in hospitality industry. It is a center for excellence in hospitality education, providing an enterprising and stimulating environment in which students can learn and develop their full potential. The structure of the academic program achieves this by combining management theory with practical experiences, which will ensure an international approach to teaching.

IST College offers customized and fast track programs to provide students maximum flexibility and opportunity for progression. The successful candidates of Diploma Program can also pursue their Higher Diploma in Hotel Management and top-up to Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Nepal, Austria, Australia, UK & USA. 

During the 14 years of its operation IST has been able to establish itself as a quality education provider in Nepal. The IST graduates are pursuing higher degrees in countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Similarly many graduates are pursuing their career as mid level managers in Nepal and in abroad. 


To be a centre for excellence in hospitality education in Nepal providing an enterprising and stimulating environment in which students can learn and develop their full potential.

Mission Statement:

  • Produce the world class human resource to cater to the overwhelming need of the hospitality industries by offering various academic degrees by providing an educational environment that emphasizes critical thinking and decision making, reflection and creativity.
  • Cultivate and nurture a learning environment that fosters an ethical, respectful, and culturally competent approach to customer service and with other hospitality partners. Respond to community needs through a variety of means, including collaboration with organizations and businesses.
  • Develop practical, managerial and excellent communication skills by providing each individual student with the know how of a successful career in hospitality industry.


To achieve its vision and mission by combining management theory with practical experiences in the field of tourism and hospitality ensuring an international teaching approach.

Message from the CEO

Narendra Bajracharya

Welcome to International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (IST), one of the best schools in the field of tourism and hotel management.

To be successful manager, one must possess sound academic knowledge and practical experience in every aspect of running an organization. Knowledge and a broad scope of skills ranging from language competency to business and marketing skills have become prerequisites for a successful hospitality career. In order to be successful in facing these new and ever-changing challenges, every individual needs to become exceptionally dynamic and competent in the respective field.

If you are keen in becoming a part of this booming industry and are looking forward to opting this challenging career in the world of hospitality and tourism, IST offers exactly the one you need to fulfill your career dreams-an excellent, high quality hospitality education that provides you with essential skills and practical experiences upon which you can build on your career!

IST offers an amazing educational package to provide international degree in both economic mode and fast track. At the same time, you will have many options to get international degree from any of the stipulated Universities located in Austria, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and USA.

Joining IST also means starting your international career in hospitality industry enjoying an exceptionally rewarding and friendly working environment.

I would like to extend my best wishes to all those who wish to be a part of this exciting career.

Narendra Bajracharya