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Tourism and Hotel Management Course at IST College


November 14, 2017
Last updated June 09, 2024
KMC Lalitpur

International School of Tourism and Hotel Management (IST) at Gyaneshwor Marg has been offering customized programs from +2 Level to the Bachelors Level. 


According to a press statement, graduates can pursue Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Nepal or in abroad after completing their course here. It added that the courses offered at IST boast positive attitude, impeccable grooming and open mindedness among the students, which are the vital components in today’s competitive world and these qualities will have a long lasting effect on the young professional’s mind and behavior. 

Moreover, IST also provides well-crafted internship opportunity in different countries. The international internship provides the students with an overview of the world hospitality trend, latest innovations and about the tradition and culture of different nations. 

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