Internship Program for +12 in IST

IST has been sending its +2 Level students for intership to 3 and 4-star hotels within Kathmandu Valley after the completion of year 2. The internship period is for 3 to 6 months whereby students get a chance to train in Food and Beverage Service, Food and Beverage Kitchen, Housekeeping, and Front Office Department.

IST has been focusing on sending its students for an internship program in the +2 level itself so that students get first-hand exposure to hotel operations and they are more prepared and have a competitive edge when they enter into their Bachelor's Degree while studying Hotel Management.

During their internship program, the students are provided with an excellent opportunity to interact with guests while working in various operational departments. Under the supervision of industry professionals, the students undergo their internship program. Therefore, IST is not only excelling students academically but also helping them to shape their future from the intermediate level itself.