Birendra Bidhya Mandir Campus

Tikapur, Kailali

Birendra Bidhya Mandir Campus (BMC) is a public campus located at the center of Tikapur city affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU) that was founded in 2063 B.S. (2006 AD). It is a non-profit educational institution founded as the foundation of Tikapur city in 2031 B.S. (1975 AD) as Tikapur Aawasiya High School by Biredra Vidhya Mandir Public Educational Trust (BVMPET). It is a community-based public campus founded by intellectuals, professionals, academicians, businessmen, politicians, social workers, guardians, and locals. The campus's primary goal is to produce energetic, capable, and competitive manpower with knowledge of civilization, responsibility, and morality through access to quality education at a reasonable and affordable fee.

Birendra Bidhya Mandir Campus is located at the center of Tikapur city with a peaceful and educational environment and it lies at an equal distance of 14 Km south of Mahendra Highway(Lamki) and north of the Nepal India-Khakraula border. The main catchment area of BMC is Kailiali, Bardiya, Doti, Bajura, Bajhang, Surkhet, Dailekh, Kalikot, Jumla, and Darchula district.



The vision of Birendra Bidhya Mandir Campus(BMC) is to be the academic platform for quality education, training, partnership, comprehensive and substantial learning network with global norms and one of the primary contributors to the ethical, social, cultural, fiscal, and educational development of the nation.


The mission of BMC is to impart quality education and meet the criteria of academic excellence, creating an appropriate environment, opportunities, and experiences that enable each person in the society and the region to prosper, grow and progress.


The goal of the BMC is to produce and develop cultured, responsible, creative, innovative, qualified and competitive human resources through academic excellence focusing on new technology, market-driven and research-oriented academic activities and equitable accessibility of quality higher education as per the demand and trend of time and market as well as possibility of the future.


The major objectives of BMC are;

  • To provide quality education and value based education.
  • To develop the academic culture & environment in the society.
  • To contribute the society through different research and application of the findings & recommendation of the research activities.
  • To guide the society to build up civilized, developed, responsible and value based society.
  • To fulfill the appropriate & perfect human resources required to the nation & society.

Salient Features

Remedial classes: Extra classes are conducted by faculty members if deemed necessary.

Counseling: Every ye, as well as counseling classes, selling classes are conducted before the beginning of academic classes by respective departments.

Training & Orientation: BMC provides different professional training based training like; Accounting Software(Tally.ERP9), Meeting Conduct & Minute Writing Training, Cooperative Management & Accounting Training, Banking Training, Correspondence Training, Organization Development Training, Life Skill Training, Proposal Writing Training, filing & Office Management Training, and Other training programs to develop the knowledge and skill of the students so that they can apply their knowledge and skill in the practical life.

Sowell-constructed well constructed and separate playgrounds for volley and ll, football, badminton, and sufficient playing materials for each of the games.

ECA: Different kinds of ECA programs are conducted as mentioned in the annual operation calendar. Evesportsar annual sports program the s conducted by campus authorities and different types of academic ECA programs are conducted every month by various departments of BMC.

Intent: There is easy access to the internet for the teachers, staff, and studestudentsrWi-Fifree a Wi-Fi system.

Canteen: There is the facility of a well-equipped canteen with a reasonable cost for each item for students and stones on campus premises.

Internship: The campus supports those students who want to work as an intern in various organizations. Campus not only assists them with necessary recommendation letters but also helps them find out the best suited organization to work as an intern.

Master Plan: The campus has a physical infrastructural master plan based on its visionary plan compatible with the modern higher education system. There are separate buildings and divisions for academic, administrative, e-library, extracurricular activities, and others.

E-Library: BMC has the plan to construct the e-library with all facilities and resources. The Detail Project Report(DPR) of the e-library has been completed with financial and technical support from Tikapur Municipality.

Electricity Backup: BMC has managed the service of the inverter for electricity backup. It allows backup for operating electricity-based equipment including fans during necessity.

Pure Drinking Water: The campus has installed a modern water purifier machine with a cooling facility to supply pure drinking water for students and staff.

Computerized System: Campus has installed the academic and accounting software” Paathshala”. All records of the students, library, physical asset, examination, result, certificate issue, ID card issue as well as accounting and billing system is computerized.

Toilet/Urinal: There are two buildings of toilets occupying an area of 765.31 square feet on the campus premises. There are separate 5 toilet rooms and 9 urinary provisions for the boys(gents) and 5 toilet rooms for the girls(ladies). There is a well-facilitated toilet constructed with the support of the Small City Drinking Water & Sanitation Project, Tikapur.

Educational Tour & Exposure: Every year excursion tours are conducted by the campus for students of different years of study. Tours, however, are held within the territory of the country; Campus provides different opportunities by participating the students in different programs, workshops, ceremonies, and competitions for exposure.

Audio/Visual-Aided Classrooms: Classrooms can be arranged with audio-visual aids, if necessary. There is a well-equipped computer lab to display audio-visual devices where orientations, seminars, training, workshops, etc. are conducted.


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