Myagdi Multiple Campus

Phulbari, Beni, Beni, Myagdi

The Myagdi Multiple Campus, Beni, is the community campus of Tribhuvan University. It is QAA Accreditated by University Grant Commission (UGC) Nepal on 13 January 2020, and the accreditation will be valid until 12 January 2025


Myagdi Multiple Campus (MMC) is a pioneering community-based educational institution nestled in the scenic and tranquil surroundings of Beni Municipality. Established in 2048 BS (1992 AD) as a response to the pressing need for higher education opportunities in Myagdi District, MMC has since flourished into one of the largest campuses in the Dhaulagiri Zone. Initially started with less than 50 students in Prakash Higher Secondary School, MMC later found its permanent home in 2052. Today, with over 1,000 students, including +2 programs, MMC continues to make a significant impact on the educational landscape.

As an autonomous, not-for-profit organization affiliated with Tribhuvan University, MMC is dedicated to providing high-quality education in a community-driven setting. Its establishment was made possible through the collective efforts of the local people, including Myagdi residents residing in Kathmandu, who generously contributed to the campus fund. This collaborative spirit reflects the deep-rooted commitment of society toward empowering the youth with educational opportunities.

MMC has earned its reputation as a center of excellence in higher education thanks to its exceptional teaching standards, well-equipped physical infrastructure, affordable fees, and convenient accessibility for students from all districts of the Dhaulagiri Zone. The campus offers diverse academic disciplines and is focused on nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Over the years, MMC has produced countless graduates who have made significant contributions in various fields both within the country and abroad. By choosing MMC, you embrace a transformative educational journey and become part of a vibrant community committed to fostering academic excellence and holistic development.
Come and experience the distinction of Myagdi Multiple Campus – where quality education, picturesque surroundings, and a supportive learning environment converge to shape a brighter future for our students.

Salient Features


The campus features a spacious library accessible to both students and teachers. It houses an extensive collection of books, including regular newspapers and magazines, for the students' utilization.


The campus has separate, peaceful hostels for boys and girls. The boy's hostel accommodates up to 18 students, while the girl's hostel accommodates up to 32 students. Both hostels offer well-maintained accommodations at affordable rates. Pure drinking water and a reading shed are provided for students. Dedicated faculty members serve as wardens, ensuring effective management and supervision. Hostel slots are allocated based on prioritized criteria outlined in the Hostel Management Guidelines, including remoteness, low economic status, intelligence, disability, and other factors.


The canteen on the campus operates in a separate building and remains open during campus hours. It is thoughtfully furnished and offers a variety of hygienic food options and snacks at affordable prices.

Sports and Playground

The campus has an Extra Activities Operation Committee that collaborates with the Free Students Union to organize various sports activities. A picturesque playground is available for students to engage in sports such as volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Additionally, there is a separate table tennis (T.T.) court located outside the ground. The campus provides necessary sports equipment and coaches to promote physical activities as required. Outstanding athletes are recognized and awarded different prizes and scholarships are provided to support their achievements.


The institution offers scholarships to a portion of the students who have filled out exam forms in the Bachelor level and Class XI and XII. The scholarship amount is equivalent to 12 months of tuition fees per student. The scholarships are distributed based on different categories as outlined below:

  1. Intelligent Students: 30%
  2. Economically Backward: 30%
  3. Various Ethnic Communities: 10%
  4. Disadvantaged Group (Dalit): 10%
  5. Women: 15%
  6. Students with Disability: 5%

The top-performing students in the Bachelor level receive prizes from the following scholarship trusts:

  1. Dal Bahadur Khatri Memorial Trust: Rs. 1,11,111.00 for 6 beneficiaries
  2. Kalawati Karki Scholarship Trust: Rs. 50,000.00 for 3 beneficiaries
  3. Pabibalbhakta Memorial Trust: Rs. 1,51,151.00 for 3 beneficiaries

In addition to the regular scholarships, the campus provides free hostel facilities for special needs students, such as those who are blind or physically disabled.


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