Sindhuli Multiple Campus

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Salient Features

  • Highly qualified faculty members
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Library and Internet access 
  • Internet Facilities
  • Canteen
  • Transportation
  • Extra curricular activities like sports, workshop , orientation & conference.


Sindhuli Multiple Campus offers various scholarships to enrolled students on the recommendation of the scholarships committee which inturn works under the following specific guidelines:

छात्रवृति समीतिको काम, कर्तव्य र अधिकार

  1. भर्ना भएका विर्धर्थीहरु मध्येबाट उत्कृष्ट , जेहेन्दार र महिला अपाङ्गता , दलित , अनाथ, आदिको कोटा मुल्याङ्कन गरी निवेदक आह्वान गर्ने।
  2. छात्रावृतिको लागी परेका छानवीन गरी प्राथमिकता निर्धारण गर्ने।
  3. छात्रवृत्ती पाउने विधार्थीको शैक्षिक स्तर , आचरण , व्यवहार ,के कस्तो छ सो को मुल्याङ्कन गरी छात्रावृतिको निर्णय गर्ने।
  4. अध्ययन गरिरहेको तहमा सबैभन्दा उत्कृष्ट अंक ल्याई उत्तिर्ण गर्ने विधार्थी लाई सो तहको मासिक शुल्क मिनाह गर्ने।
  5. एक घरपरिवारको सदस्य भई तिनजना अध्ययन गर्ने व्वक्तिहरु मध्ये, सो को रेकर्ड हेरी एकजना लाई मासिक शुल्क मिनाह गर्ने।
  6. छात्रवृति पाई अध्ययन गरेको विधार्थी पर्याप्त कारण विना अन्य संस्थामा स्थानान्तरण भई जाने भएमा यस संस्थाले लिने सम्पुर्ण शुल्क लिने।
  7. छात्रावृति पाएको विधार्थीले क्याम्पसको विधार्थी आचरण संहिता उल्लंघन गरेमा वा पटक पटक आचारसंहिता उल्लंघन गर्ने विधार्थीलाई छात्रवृति वन्चित गर्न सक्ने।
  8. माथी उल्लेख भएका नियमहरु भित्र रही उत्कृष्ट विधार्थी छात्रवृति वाहेक अन्य छात्रावृतिको हकमा एकजनालाई एक विषयमा मात्र छात्रवृति दिइने।
  9. छात्रवृति सम्बन्धि अन्य आवश्यक व्यवस्था गर्न सक्ने।
  10. छात्रवृति पाउनको लागी अन्य संघ संस्थामा सिफरिस गर्न सक्ने, यस क्याम्पसद्घारा दिइने छात्रवृति यस क्याम्पसको नियमित श्रोतबाट ,विश्वविधालय अनुदान आयोग र अन्य संघ संस्थान द्घारा माग भइ आए अनुसार छात्रवृति दिने व्यवस्था गरिने छ।
  11. विश्वविधालय अनुदान आयोग र अन्य संघ संस्थान द्घारा माग भई आए अनुसार छात्रवृति दिने व्वयवस्था गरिने छ। (उत्कृष्ट विधार्थी भन्नाले भर्ना हुँदाको टान्सकृप्टमा ७० प्रतिशत प्राप्त भएको वा यस क्याम्पसमा अध्ययन गरी सो वा सो भन्दा वढी अंक प्राप्त गरेको।)

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Sindhuli Multiple Campus was established in 2041 B.S, it aims at imparting need responsive quality education for the current and future generations of students. It is affiliated to Tribhuvan University and National Examination Board (NEB), Government of Nepal, with its concrete foundation of senior management body and composite personalities has been a motivating center for effective learning, innovative practices and result oriented education.

Sindhuli Multiple Campus is deeply dedicated and committed to develop competence, conscience, compassion and commitment in the personal qualities of the students. It always promotes academically solid, socially relevant and value oriented education in the country. Sindhuli Multiple Campus prides itself on being an education of excellence by preparing students for the challenges ahead with programmes and counseling that are both relevant and progressive.

Therefore, Sindhuli Multiple Campus has been recognized as one of the developed and biggest institutions in the country. Over the years, Sindhuli Multiple Campus has earned sheer reputation in the field of education due to its educational excellence.

Sindhuli Multiple Campus has acquired the QAA certificate following the recommendations laid down by UGC. SMC has been selected among the 45 national-level public campus in higher education reform project( HERP) in 2072 BS.

Vision, Mission and Goal

  • Sindhuli Multiple Campus will maintain a high quality teaching programs.
  • Teaching programs will be brought in response to the needs of local community.
  • To develop students enrollment & students support programs.
  • A  good learning environment will be established.
  • SMC will enhance professional efficiency of faculty & staff. ( Further study , promotion of teachers) 
  • SMC will prepare infrastructure for new programs  (Staff Nurse ,BBA & Computer Science )
  • SMC will open up new program ( Nursing , BBA & Computer Science)
  • Beginning of staff nurse program.
  • SMC will maintain & promote the education & learning means : extra activities like sports, workshop , orientation & conference.
  • Establishment of Sindhuli University.