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Welcome to King’s College!

As you embark on your educational, personal and professional growth, we’re happy to share what we have in store for you at King’s College.

As an educational institution, we work to remove the walls between communities and classrooms. We weave the knowledge and wisdom of the real world with academic education. Leading and supporting the innovation of innovative communities, our vision is to build an education ecosystem where communities, industries, students and educators come together in the learning environment to bring entrepreneurial mindset, co-creation and co-learning to action.

Academic programs

In short, we make learning “real and relevant” - beyond books, classrooms and exams that develop an entrepreneurial mindset. To engage you in this fun, engaging and challenging learning, we offer you a range of interdisciplinary programs:

MBA Programs

  • MBA Entrepreneurship
  • MBA Nonprofit
  • MBA Agribusienss
  • MBA Tech & Innovation
  • MBA General

BBA Programs

  • BBA Investment & Economics
  • BBA Digital Marketing
  • BBA Applied Art & Design
  • BBA General

BSIT Data Science

These programs are internationally affiliated - our courses are affiliated to Westcliff University, California, US. These are approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal and also recognized by Tribhuvan University, Nepal. The programs are ACBSP and WASC accredited.

Our well stocked on-site and digital libraries have sufficient books along with dozens of national and international journals including a rich collection of 1000+ reputed titles and periodicals.

As a part of your academic programs, you will also have the choice of joining a number of continually developed and updated professional development modules that will help you enhance your professional and employability skills. We have industry experts develop these modules on basis of the skills and aptitudes that employers and the professional world most seeks out. Keeping in mind real and relevant learning, we keep these modules relevant to your interests - for example, students taking MBA Entrepreneurship will also take modules on startup valuation, networking and human centered design that help them relate learnings to their own startups. 

Beyond Academics

Your experience at King’s College will of course, not only be limited to academics. For this, you will always find a safe and engaging space for you to pursue your interests and passions at the campus. We have established a number of “Centers” over the years that lead projects in various areas including student engagement, education innovation, knowledge creation, community & industry engagement and entrepreneurship.

King’s Incubator can help you in your journey to become an entrepreneur. The center  supports aspiring entrepreneurs through training, mentoring, networking and seed-fund. Even entrepreneurs outside King’s College can participate in the Incubator’s programs. The center has helped incubate over 43 ventures, created over 198 jobs and supported over 1000 jobs.

Empowerment Academy, as a communication and empowerment wing, organizes a number of workshops and trainings on writing, presentation, designing and storytelling to help you grow in collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking skills. In addition to this, EA works continuously to innovate in educational practices and conducts teacher trainings that help advance your learning experience.

DoLAB merges education, design and entrepreneurship to make learning, innovation and growth hands-on. The center develops and runs design thinking courses for students from King’s as well as beyond King’s. DoLAB’s processes are based on the LAB Studio Model developed by OamkLABS at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) in Finland.

Demola is an international innovation challenge platform, which works to bridge the long-existing gap between companies and university students. Demola Global, established in Tampere, Finland, brings a team of multidisciplinary university students and company’s experts to work together and co-create a solution for an innovation challenge set by the company.

Center for Research and Development (CERAD) is an autonomous research wing at King’s College. CERAD undertakes research, develops academic case studies, conducts research training, and other research-related activities within and beyond King’s College. It is a faculty and student-led collaboration that aims to “establish King’s College as a research institution of global repute.” Conceptualized in 2014, CERAD currently works towards supporting student and faculty research, engaging in consulting projects (pro-bono and paid), organizing conferences and workshops, publishing articles, cases, essays, and policy briefs in various platforms including King’s College’s journal and supporting other centers in their research.

Growth & Innovation Studies uncovers growth stories of informal and formal ventures including small and medium enterprises, startups, and corporates. The studies explore local innovations and disseminate the learnings to a wide range of audience including students, policymakers, professionals, and business leaders. GIS has been collaborating with CERAD to develop academic case studies for educators, within and beyond King’s College to bring you real world and local knowledge and cases into your learning spaces.

The Center for Professional Development at King’s works to make meaningful connections between the students at King’s and the industries they work in. The Insight Series, for example, brings the richness of knowledge and experience from notable industry professionals into learning spaces for students through interactions. 

Community Service Learning Program was established as a knowledge center and an excellence hub at King’s College in 2018. By placing the community at the center of the learning process, CSLP facilitates the service-learning projects of the students, helping them immerse meaningfully in their communities while critically analyzing communities’ issues from a wide range of perspectives and conceptualizing entrepreneurial solutions to those issues. Some notable service learning projects include supporting community schools as teachers, door-to-door canvassing about various social issues and assessing gender equality and social inclusion at King’s College, among others.

King’s Club and Center for Art & Culture believe that every student brings their own skills and passions, and the student-led King’s Club gives everyone an equal opportunity to explore their interests by organizing programs, activities and initiatives.King’s Club believes that the best way to learn something is by doing it and with the Club, students not just learn about sharpening their skills but also about discovering their skills. King’s Club works closely with Center for Art & Culture at King’s to bring various creative events to life.

Office of Safe and Respectable Learning is an initiative that dedicates efforts to make 


Let’s explore the chapter of our story that involves international and local collaborations

We have established a number of collaborative associations with many institutions of global repute. For example, we have organized a number of programs that helped our students develop solutions to pressing issues around the world in international teams in collaboration with organizations like Impact Week, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, eBridge Alliance, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and University of Applied Sciences, Munich. Other significant international collaborations include Demola International, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Society of Entrepreneurship Educators and Little Big Fund.

We have also entered into an exchange program with California State University (CSU) – San Marcos & Monterey Bay, and State University of New York (SUNY) – Albany, where students can enjoy benefit of 2+2 program, i.e. students can complete two years at King’s College and transfer to any of above universities in the U.S. to complete the remaining two years.

Locally, we have collaborations with Karkhana, Teach for Nepal, Himalayan Development Initiative, Young Innovations, Clock B, Mero Adda and many more. One of our more recent collaborations - one with Panchkhal Municipality - has given us the opportunity to take learning experiences directly to the community. Through this collaboration, students have been able to engage, empathize and co-learn with the community at a deeper level than ever before.

Placement and Internships: Our students have interned or recruited by the top companies from Nepal, including Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Nepal SBI Bank Ltd., Nabil Bank Ltd., Standard Chartered Bank,  Bank of Asia Ltd., Mega Bank Ltd., NMB Bank Ltd., Mercantile Exchange Nepal(MEX), Nepal Derivative Exchange(NDEX), Ncell Pvt. Ltd., Hotel Yak and Yeti, Hotel Annapurna, STC Network, Sri Lankan Embassy and Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket & Departmental Store to name a few.


We would love to talk with you over a coffee about what programs are most suitable as per your aspirations and passions. Feel free to drop in at our campus, send us a message or give us a call. Our counselors are available to answer any questions you may have and to help you find programs, projects and learning opportunities that align with your interests and passions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Message from the Executive Director

Narottam Aryal

Welcome to King’s College, Kathmandu!

In this lively business school, we promote entrepreneurial spirit through progressive education. Affiliated with Westcliff University, US, we offer you opportunities to add value to your life through quality education and significant real life exposure. Entrepreneurship to us is about creative experimentation that involves shaking things up, trying new ideas and challenging stereotypical norms. The aim is to create a future-ready generation of entrepreneurs and professionals instrumental to take the country forward. 

Our programs are approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal and are recognized by Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Both our BBA and MBA programs are unique and I encourage you to go through our website ( to know more on the cutting-edge courses that we offer. Besides our regular programs, recently, we have introduced four new courses, MBA Agribusiness, MBA Nonprofit, BBA Digital Marketing and BBA Investment & Economics. 

  • MBA Agribusiness program is a response to the growing need of agri-preneurs, who can contribute to agribusiness revolution in Nepal.
  • MBA Nonprofit focusses on addressing structural inequalities within Nepalese society, thorough understanding of the nuances of societal challenges and create a pool of changemakers to transform such challenges into meaningful opportunities.
  • BBA Digital Marketing is to help create exciting careers in digital marketing, social media marketing, and so on.
  • BBA Investment & Economics is intended to assist in executing theory in real life situation and using the complex economic and econometric models for the day-to-day business decision making. 

 The programs at King’s College focus on promoting independent, critical thinking, and reasoning skills to critique various issues and develop problem solving and decision-making abilities. Our continuous assessment based on weekly research-based assignments and project works is designed to develop written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, abilities to find, evaluate, interpret, manage and effectively use information to answer questions and create new knowledge. 

King's College gives impetus to research and original publication through identifying local issues and solving those, focuses on entrepreneurship, helps bridge the connections with society through various community development initiatives, encourages global exposure by tie-ups with renowned foreign universities, student exchanges and familiarity tour. 

Transparency and good governance in operations are the hallmarks of our institution. Our students are expected to adhere to our core values of accountability, collaboration, empowerment, funnovation, humility and integrity. 

Visit our campus and talk to our counselors as a part of your admission decision. See you soon! 

Narottam Aryal
Executive Director