Yunus Social Business Centre at King's College

Yunus Social Business Centre is on a mission to solve the  socio-economic problems of the country through social  entrepreneurship. The centre facilitates the growth  of social entrepreneurship through training, providing  access to seed capital, mentoring, and networking. The  centre is driven by the motto “inspire, incubate and  accelerate” the growth of social enterprise and social  business that largely focuses on solving the problems  of the community bringing the efficient drivers of the corporate world. We enable the youths with the social  ideas to transform the impact driven ideas to sustainable social enterprise by facilitating them office space,  advisory support and mentorship from our own staff  and from external network of people as well, seed money up to NRs 150,000/- to exceptional and passionate  entrepreneurs and access to network of investors for the  incubatee to pitch their ideas.  

The centre also runs Social Business Challenge with an  aim to foster and engage the youth and educators on  understanding the concept of social entrepreneurship.  Under this program we conduct workshops in the valley  and in the most prominent cities of Nepal to solicit  applications and facilitate them till the final round for thecash prize of NRs 100,000 to the winner. 

In 2015, we organized International Conference on  Social Entrepreneurship that had participation of  more than 400 people from the country and outside  the country, 8 international speakers, 48 national  speakers and 34 partner organizations and many more  paper presentations on the social entrepreneurship.  The objective of the conference was to educate  the participants and partners on the idea of social  entrepreneurship and the need in the country.