Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus

Bardghat, Bardaghat, Parasi

The Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus, Nawalparasi, is a Community College affiliated with Tribhuvan University. It is QAA Accreditated by University Grant Commission (UGC) Nepal on 17 June 2018, and the accreditation will be valid until 16 June 2023


Welcome to Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus, an esteemed educational institution nestled in the serene surroundings of Nawalparasi district, Nepal. Our campus, located near the sacred Daunne Devi (Goddess) and the revered birthplace of Gautam Buddha in Lumbini, embodies a truly enriching and enlightening environment for learning.

Affiliated with the prestigious Tribhuvan University, Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus has been dedicated to delivering quality education since its establishment in 2047 BS. Through the relentless efforts of social workers, educators, intellectuals, and visionary leaders, our institution has emerged as a center of academic excellence, persistently striving to transform challenges into opportunities.

Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus stands out for its wide range of programs among the district's numerous public campuses. From undergraduate to master's level, we offer diverse streams of study along with engaging extracurricular activities that cater to the interests and aspirations of our students. Our track record of success spans programs such as BA, BBS, B.Ed, BBA, MBS, and M.Ed, which have consistently produced accomplished graduates for decades.

At Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus, we firmly believe that education is a gateway to the world and a source of knowledge and wisdom. We warmly welcome all students who embark on their educational and academic journey with us, assuring them that the doors to the temple of education are always open, leading to a bright future for themselves and our nation.

Education is the beacon that illuminates life and serves as the foundation for individual, societal, national, and international progress. Countries have achieved remarkable development and growth through education, information technology, and research. Recognizing the vital role education plays, Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus was established to address the increasing demand for higher education and contribute to the advancement of Nepal. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing quality education, making it easily accessible for students from every corner of the country.

For 31 years, Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus has emerged as a leading public institution affiliated with Tribhuvan University. We take pride in our exceptional academic performance, showcasing the highest standards of excellence in education.

With a sprawling campus spanning 7-10-0 bigha of land, including two buildings housing classrooms and administrative facilities, Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus offers a conducive learning environment. Our campus assembly and the Campus Management Committee, consisting of 12 dedicated members, ensure the smooth execution of policies and programs.

Our vision is to become a renowned deemed university, while our mission centers around extending affordable higher education opportunities and establishing Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus as a reputable academic institution within the nation. Furthermore, we aim to produce high-quality professionals who can meet the demands of both our country and the international community.

Join us at Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus, where education transcends boundaries and opens doors to a world of knowledge, growth, and limitless possibilities.


Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus will be nationally reputed best public campus for higher and technical education of the nation.


Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus exists to foster quality education at affordable fee structure to fulfil the national requirement, to uplift the society and nation by producing quality graduates compatible to labour market and academic research.

Goal 1 : Institutional development and sustainability

Objective: To meet the academic goal of nation and the interest of students to offer the best academic programs of master’s and bachelor’s level.

Goal 2: Growth of satisfaction level in all stakeholders

Objective: To generate and expand opportunities for community based social participation

Goal 3: Equal access to education for all marginal and underprivileged groups of people.

Objective :  To increase equal access to education for all marginal and underprivileged groups of people.

Goal 4: Quality education with the production of qualified graduates as per the need of the labour market

Objective:  To provide quality education to assist the nation’s academic goal as per the need of labour market nationally and   internationally.

Goal 5 : Growth in the rate of placement of graduates in Nepalese  labour market

Objective  To increase the rate of graduates in Nepalese labour market to meet the current need of the nation.

Admission Guidelines

Required Documents

  • Photo – (4 pcs PP size)
  • Transcript, Character Certificate &
  • Original Migration Certificate
  • Ccore sheet of Admission Test Exam

Admission Procedure

  • Students should pass required admission test
  • Fill up the admission form
  • Attach required documents (Photocopy)
  • Submit to the administration



Bachelors passed or equivalent.


Bachelors passed or equivalent.



  • +2 passed in any subject
  • Minimum D+ or equivalent score



  • +2 passed in any subject
  • Minimum D+ or equivalent score


  • +2 passed in any subject
  • Minimum C+ or equivalent score



  • +2 passed in any subject
  • Minimum D+ or equivalent score


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