Education as a discipline covers most parts of the educational practice. Research, teacher education, teacher training, curriculum development, educational philosophy, modes and methods of educational delivery, education and development are major fields within the discipline.   

Educational skill is central to the the discipline of Education. The discipline entails logical reasoning regarding the methodologies applied in educational process as a whole. The discipline is a distinct branch of study dealing with the outcome of training and practice within education system. 

The discipline is often argued as not having distinct methodology or procedure required to be called a discipline however, is regarded as a specific discipline in most parts of the world. Although the core components of the discipline are teachers, curriculum, students, evaluation, educational process and everything within it, it incorporates disciplines like Psychology, History, Social Sciences and many more. 


The education program has been running from +2 to Ph.D. level in Nepal. Pursuing a master’s degree in education may work as an education technologist, curriculum developer, school counselor, or education administrator, educational planner, system analyst, and expert in the field of education.