PhD in Education

PhD in Education

4 years

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The Ph.D. programme in education under the Faculty of Education (FoE) . Tribhuvan University (TU), aims to prepare students for high level academic and professional pursuit and expertise.

The focus of the programme lies on developing critical thinkers, scholars, policy and programme planners, managers, researchers and specialists in the field of education. It is designed for those who have the ability, dedication and potentiality to make a significant contribution to the field of education through research and academic endeavour. As development of creativity, originality and critical research capability in the prospective doctoral students is intended, the research scholars should be able to identify viable topics related to education for an in-depth study.

At the end of the doctoral study, the Ph.D. research scholar should submit a dissertation that demonstrates his/her original scholarly pursuit and the ability to apply professional knowledge with the use of appropriate research methodologies under the guidance of appropriate research methodologies under the guidance of an academic supervisor.


This programme aims to enable the doctoral students to:

· achieve excellence in their chosen specific area of study,

· develop confidence and competency in carrying out research studies independently,

· make original contribution to knowledge thourgh their own research, and

· build theory/models or modify or falsify existing theories or models used in their chosen field of study.



In order to be eligible to apply for the Ph.D. study at the (FoE), the candidate should have met the following requirements.

a. Academic degree

The candidate should have any one of the following academic degree:

1. M.Phil. in Education.


2. Master's Degree in Education at least with second division from TU or recognized by TU.

b. Research/Publications

1. The prospective doctoral candidates should have completed Research Methodology course at the Master's Degree Level (M.Ed./M.Phil.). S/He should have completed this course before the submission of the research proposal. As the completion of Research Methodology course stands as a prerequisite, s/he can do this either by attending the regular class or by attending predefined seminar/workshop, or by carrying out independent study under the guidance of the supervisor.

2. The candidate should submit three publishable articles relating to the chosen area of study.