Tehrathum Multiple Campus

Aathrai, Tehrathum
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Terhathum Multiple Campus, positioned in Chuhandada Aathrai within the Tehrathum region, proudly stands as one of the esteemed constituent campuses of Tribhuvan University. This academic institution is dedicated to providing quality education and fostering a conducive learning environment in the heart of Tehrathum.


The campus offers a variety of scholarships and freeship programs to support students financially, promoting equal access to education and creating an inclusive learning environment.


Terhathum Multiple Campus, located in Chuhandada Aathrai, Terhathum, stands as a prominent constituent campus of Tribhuvan University. Recognized by the government, it holds a unique status as the sole government-recognized campus in four districts: Terhathum, Taplejung, Panchthar, and Sankhuwasava, encompassing the far eastern region of Nepal. Prospective students seeking a high-quality education are warmly invited to become part of this academic community.

Established in 2017 B.S., under the initial name of Birendra Inter College, Terhathum Multiple Campus received permanent acceptance in 2018 B.S. Subsequently, in 2035 Bhadra, the campus underwent a name change to Terhathum Campus. The campus is strategically located approximately 500 meters from the newly constructed Puspalal Lok Marga, at the heart of the Koshi Zone in Terhathum district. The Aathrai Zone, where the campus is situated, is renowned for its significance in educational, political, cultural, and historical development.

Terhathum Multiple Campus plays a pivotal role in the Limbuwan Region, positioned in the middle of Taplejung, Panchthar, Sankhuwasabha, and Terhathum districts. The campus reflects the cultural richness and social harmony prevalent in this region, where the majority of residents belong to the Limbu community. Despite the ethnic and cultural diversity, a sense of unity prevails. The economic landscape is predominantly characterized by modest means, with agriculture being the primary source of livelihood.

The campus offers two faculties: Education, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Under the Education Faculty, it provides three-year and one-year B.Ed. programs with specializations in English Education, Nepali Education, Mathematics Education, Population Education, and Health and Physical Education. The Humanities faculty encompasses seven major subjects: English, Nepali, Mathematics, Population, Political Science, Economics, and History. Prospective students are encouraged to consider joining Terhathum Multiple Campus for an enriching educational experience within a vibrant and culturally diverse community.