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National College is located at Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu. It was established in 1996 AD by a group of experienced and dedicated academicians for providing quality and need-based education in a highly congenial academic environment. The broad objective of the National College is to prepare and mold students capable of catering to the future manpower needs of the country.

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Salient Features

Why Choose National College?

Unique courses in South Asia

National College established in 1996 is a pioneer institution in South Asia offering under-graduate studies in development fields. 

Kathmandu University Affiliation

The college has been associated with Kathmandu University, one of the best university for higher learning since 1996. It is the only college offering courses on development affiliated to Kathmandu University. 

International Students Exchange Program

Nepal Japan Students Exchange Program, a joint initiative between National College, Waseda University and University of Sacred Heart, Tokyo, Japan has been in practice since 2006. From the year 2017, Sophia University, Tokyo too has become a partner in this program. 

Through Confucius Institute in Kathmandu University (CIKU), 17 National College students so far got an opportunity to visit China for education, learning and cultural exchange.

National College and Paul Smith’s College (PSC) of USA have initiated joint field studies in Nepal under which 6 National College students visited the USA and 14 US students visited Nepal for field studies, learning and cultural exchange.

Global Internship Opportunities

Students of National College have been provided with internship opportunities to organizations in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and Philippines. 

Field Studies

Students of National College visit various organizations, cultural heritage and historical sites all over Nepal for first hand practical learning experience. 

Research Grants

In the past two years (2018 and 19) 48 research grants and financial assistance have been provided to students undertaking independent research activities on the basis of outstanding research proposals.

Admission Guidelines

Students are required to give KUSAAT (Kathmandu University School of Arts’ Admission Test), the details of which are as follows:

KUSAAT is a 90 minute written entrance exam conducted by KUSOA (Kathmandu University School of Arts) followed by Interview. KUSAAT is necessary for students trying to apply for programs offered by Kathmandu University School of Arts, National College, Dhumbarahi and St.Xaviers College.

Eligibility: Applicants must have 10+2 or equivalent degree in any discipline with minimum aggregate of 45% or minimum 2.0 GPA in aggregate with minimum D+ in all the subjects.

Details: KUSAAT consists of 4 sections.

1. General Knowledge2. Math (IQ)3. English4. Nepali


  • Topper (TP): awarded in each semester to those students who secure the highest grade at the time of admission and in each semester
  • Toppers with 4GPA: awarded to the students who secure 4.00 GPA/CGPA in all the subjects in a semester.
  • Needy and Diligent (ND): awarded to the selected needy and diligent students who apply with recommendations for one year
  • Merit based (MB): awarded to the students who secure the highest scores in a competition at the time of admission
  • ECA Scholarship: based on extra-curricular activities excellence
  • SAF Madanjeet Singh Scholarship: scholarships are available for students of SAARC countries to pursue Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS)
  • Research Grants: number of research grants available was 24 in the year 2019


Right from its inception, National College has been striving for academic excellence towards the overall personality development of students. With the growing need for competent professionals in the country, National College has been offering need-based academic programs namely Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS) since 1999, Bachelor in Development Finance (BDFin) since 2006, and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS) since 2013 with affiliation from Kathmandu University (KU).

National College is the only college in South Asia offering Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS), Bachelor in Development Finance (BDFin), and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS)  programs for the first time. It has over 60 faculties (full-time, part-time and visiting).

The college consist of students from more than 5 countries. Students have academic freedom for creative and innovative tasks.


The National College is aimed to become a Center for Excellence in South Asia in terms of Integration of Knowledge, Skills and Behavior through studies, research and practical works in the fields of social, economical and development management for creating “Self Reliant Pupils to form a Developed Society”.


The mission of the College is to prepare new generation of professionals, who are both visionary as well as practical and able to work in wide variety of settings, both in rural and urban areas and also willing to take responsibility with a challenge for the social and economical transformations for an equitable and sustainable society. 


The primary goal is to prepare outstanding scholars, researchers, planners and development managers, who can provide leadership and support in the related services to improve the lives of individuals in a rapidly changing and complex global society.

Message from the Principal

Madhav P. Neupane

Dear Students, 

We believe that the purpose of education is to teach our students to think and develop a capacity to reason out facts. Students should be able to keep in mind the importance of planning and proper utilization of their time, which are essential to achieve success.Academic programs will be most productive when the curricular activities are well supported with research and practical activities. Similarly, the courses should be dynamic as well as contextual. Based on the notion of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, National College has been offering three different innovative academic programs in association with Kathmandu University.

During the studies, students have been able to produce and bring wide range of opportunities for further research, entrepreneurship and economic development through regular research works, project works, workshops, trainings and seminars. In today's world with limited resources, the development challenges are very stiff. Traditional resources, conventional thinking and old technology will not be able to meet the challenges. We should explore new resources, come up with new and innovative ideas, modernize technology and explore new approaches to boost up the economic development. You have to take inspiration from the graduates of National College, who have achieved remarkable and outstanding success. But it is ultimately the perspiration that is hard work, determination and dedication  along with innovative  thinking  that will lead to success. The future belongs to you.

Madhav P. Neupane