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NextGen Youth Fellowship Program - National College

June 21, 2023
NextGen Youth Fellowship Program - National College
KMC Lalitpur

The Nextgen Youth Fellowship program held a series of successful events from June 18 to June 20, 2023. These events were designed to empower and educate the fellows, providing them with valuable knowledge and experiences.

On June 18, 2023, starting around 12:45 pm. The event began with a warm welcome speech by Mr. Madhav Neupane, the principal of National College, who inaugurated the program.  Mr. Madhav Neupane, the principal of National College, inaugurated the program, while Mr. Subash Neupane served as the Chief Guest Speaker. Mr. Madhav Neupane warmly welcomed the new fellows and delivered a speech highlighting the future prospects of the Nextgen Fellowship. Additionally, previous Nextgen youth fellows, Nabin Giri and Ruschin Khadka, shared their own experiences and journey during the fellowship, emphasizing the benefits of joining the program and motivating the new fellows for their future endeavors.

The Chief Guest Speaker, Mr. Subash Neupane, also addressed the fellows and shared insights on the future aspects of the Nextgen Fellowship. The orientation program was made more engaging with dance and musical performances, where fellows had the opportunity to showcase their talents. The event coordinator concluded the program with closing remarks, followed by a short refreshment program and engaging games for the fellows.

On June 19, 2023, Monday, the Nextgen Youth Fellowship program organized a session on CV writing and Proposal Writing by Samaya Khadka. The event took place from 12:00 pm onwards and was attended by 30 fellows, including Aakriti Bharati, Diksha Chudal, Melanie Shakya, and Manjita Bhattarai from the organizing committee.

The session commenced at 12:30 pm, with Samaya Khadka delivering an energetic presentation that motivated the fellows to learn about effective CV writing. Interactive breaks were incorporated into the session, allowing the participants to engage and refresh themselves. Samaya Khadka concluded the session by providing a quick revision, encouraging the fellows to apply the knowledge gained. A token of appreciation was presented to the guest, marking the end of the session.

Moving on to June 20, 2023, Tuesday, the Nextgen Youth Fellowship program continued with another informative session. This time, the topic was "The Rise of AI," presented by Saurav Bhatta. The session started at 12:00 pm and was attended by 39 fellows, with a high turnout of almost everyone present. The event commenced with a welcome speech by Utsav Silwal, the vice event coordinator.

Saurav Bhatta initiated the session with an intriguing introduction to the topic of AI, capturing the attention of the participants. Similar to the previous day, interactive breaks were integrated into the session, allowing for engagement and refreshment. At the end of the session, a token of appreciation was given to Saurav Bhatta for his valuable contribution. The participants provided positive feedback, indicating a successful and well-received session.

Overall, the Nextgen Youth Fellowship program provided a holistic experience to the fellows through a series of events held on June 18, 19, and 20, 2023. The orientation program set the tone for the fellowship, with inspiring speeches, interactive performances, and engaging games. The subsequent sessions on CV writing and Proposal Writing, as well as the rise of AI, equipped the fellows with valuable knowledge and insights. The positive feedback received from the fellows reflected the success and impact of these events, making them truly enriching experiences for all involved.

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