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National College Officially Commences Bachelor in Psychology Program

July 17, 2023
National College Officially Commences Bachelor in Psychology Program
KMC Lalitpur

National College, affiliated with Kathmandu University, has announced the commencement of a Bachelor in Psychology. bachelor in Psychology is a four-year undergraduate degree program that teaches students about how the human mind works and how individuals act.

Each semester will consist of five subjects, and the curriculum for the four-year program has been prepared by the college, incorporating fields such as Social Work, Human Science, Economics, Sociology, and Public Health. The campus has stated that classes will be conducted from the beginning of the current academic session.

In the first year, each semester will have three courses, totaling 35 credits. The second and third years will consist of 36 credits each, while the fourth year will have 21 credits, making a total of 128 credits for the entire program.

The introductory courses of the program will cover topics such as an overview of Psychology, its history, theories, and study methods. The college has provided information on the practical application and implementation of the curriculum, emphasizing both theoretical and practical approaches.

Candidates applying for this program must have a minimum GPA of 1.6 or above in their 10+2 education or score at least 40% marks. For the Advanced level, a maximum of three subjects with a grade below D is allowed, and candidates must pass the entrance examination for admission. The college has mentioned that the written exam will include questions from Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge. Further details regarding the selection process will be based on the performance in the written and oral examinations, leading to the creation of a merit list for admissions.

The Principal of the college, Madhav Prasad Neupane, claims that the course has incorporated Bridging Theory and Practice, as well as valuable skills for assessing human behavior and mental processes in personal and group settings. This program aims to support individuals dealing with psychological challenges in clinical, educational, community, business, and legal contexts.

National College also emphasizes the development of expertise to conduct psychological research in various fields with the help of a productive workforce. The program covers areas such as mental health counseling, research, child observation, advertising and marketing, human resources, juvenile justice, field supervision, and community work, emphasizing the necessity of human resources in diverse sectors.

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