Designed for the study of societies with a holistic approach, the Kathmandu University-affiliated Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS) program focuses on the dynamics of contemporary Nepalese and global societies. This ‘semester system’ program spreads over 8 semesters in 4 years. Each semester consists of 16 intensive study weeks – theoretical and practical. The course contains 128 credit hours including 3-credits internship and 6-credits project works.

To equip the program graduates with the significant knowledge, skills, and attitudes to analyze the policies affecting the society and work as social change agents. Upon the completion of the program, BoSS graduates will have the critical/ creative reasoning, decision making, leadership, and communication skills and a better understanding of the dynamics of contemporary Nepalese and global societies.

BoSS graduates will have job opportunities in Social Organizations, Policy Institutions and Research Institutions, I/NGOs, Government Organizations, and Private Sectors. They will also be able to work as independent researchers and social entrepreneurs. BoSS program graduates are qualified for Masters in Sociology, Anthropology, Culture, Philosophy, Social Psychology, International Relations, Public Policy, Development Studies, and socio-economic related interdisciplinary programs among others.