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Humanities and Social Sciences

4 year(s)

The program, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Boss) focuses on the dynamics of social change relating primarily with Sociology, Politics, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology and Philosophies. This program will give a new perspective addressing various issues of social sciences, especially on Sociology, Politics, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology and Environment. Complementing the contributions in various fields of social sciences, it will have a holistic approach to address the dynamics and complexity of social challenges.

Content and Structure

Along with basic, language and research skills pertaining to social sciences, it will contain core subjects of Sociology, Anthropology, Culture, Political Science and Psychology. The course structure also contains subjects correlated with the core from various fields of development, economics, environment etc.

It contains internship as well as project work, along with electives of three subjects for specialization.

The unique feature of this course is to have the option of taking foreign language as a part of the program. The 125 credit hour course will be completed in eight-semester (four-year) cycle.

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Salient features

Students will have opportunities to participate in an internship work in the 7th semester for a minimum of 60 working days under the mentorship of senior professionals at school organizations, research institutions or development organizations.

The internship works count for three credit hours.

How much does an application form cost?

Rs. 500/-


Requirements for admission to BoSS program include minimum 45% in the aggregate in Ten plus two (Higher Secondary Education Board) or equivalent in any stream or at least grade D in three subjects in the Advance Level.

Students have to pass entrance examination comprising of written or oral tests. The written tests will be in Mathematics, English and General Knowledge.

Student will be selected from the merit list prepared on the basis of the scores in 10+2 or Advance level, the written examination and the interview.

Curricular structure

First Year First Semester 16 Credit Hours 

  • English I (Writing and Vocabulary) 3
  • Introduction to Human Geography 3
  • Sociology I 3
  • Introduction to Economics 3
  • Nepali I (Grammar & Writing) 3
  • Seminar: Creative Writing 1

First Year Second Semester 16 Credit Hours 

  • English II (Literature) 3
  • Foreign Language I 3
  • Introduction to Anthropology 3 
  • Quantitative Methods 3
  • Politics, State and Society 3
  • Seminar: Oral and Poster Presentation 1

Second Year First Semester 18 Credit Hours 

  • Sociology II  3
  • Social Mobilization  3
  • Indigenous People and Culture  3
  • Social Psychology  3
  • GIS in Social Science  3
  • Foreign Language II  3

Second Year Second Semester 18 Credit Hours 

  • Social and Cultural Change  3
  • Media and Society  3
  • Ethnicity and Social Inclusion  3
  • Economics of Social Issues  3
  • Introduction to Public Policy  3
  • Biography & Philosophy  3

Third Year First Semester 18 Credit Hours 

  • Conflict and Society 3
  • Religions, Ethics and Society 3
  • Globalization and Society 3
  • Law, Crime and Society 3
  • Women and Feminism Studies 3
  • Governance and Social Accountability 3

Third Year Second Semester 15 Credit Hours 

  • Project Analysis and Design 3
  • Heritage, Tourism and Society 3
  • Social Impact Assessment 3
  • Social Entrepreneurship 3
  • Research Methodology 3

Fourth Year First Semester 15 Credit Hours 

  • Internship 3
  • Electives (select one area of three subjects) * 9
  • Research Planning 3

Fourth Year Second Semester 9 Credit Hours 

Project Work 6

International Relations 3


Fourth Year, First Semester

Demographic Sociology

  • Rural sociology 3
  • Urban sociology 3
  • Sociology of Migration 3

Development Anthropology

  • Anthropology of Modernization 3
  • Anthropology of Technology Development 3
  • Anthropology of Natural Resource Management 3

Social Policy

  • Health Concept and Policy 3
  • Educational Policy 3
  • Human Rights 3

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