One year Bachelor's of Education

One year Bachelor's of Education

1 year
Distance Learning

Institute of Open Learning (IOL), Nepal has initiated One Year B.Ed programme through Distance Mode in the year of 2000 to ensure easy and open access to quality teacher education programme for the prospective and on the job educational personnel. This mode does not require the students to be present at the campuses through out the year to pursue and earn their degree. Rather it provides opportunities to self study at home, carryout activities with Self Learning materials and to interact with the Resource persons at the designated contact centers at the specified period of time. Such an academic provides an easy and open access to earn the B.Ed. degree in the country, for the programme "brings learning at home" of the aspiring students.


The main objectives of the One year B.ed Open Learning Programme are as follows:

  • To provide alternate access to education for all desirous of earning B.Ed degree at convenient time.
  • To provide quality teacher education at par or even better than that provided through face-to-face mode, and
  • To develop human resources required for teaching as well as for other educational sectors.


Candidates who have passed Bachelor's degree in any discipline with minimum required marks in the entrance test are considered eligible for admission in the One year B.ed Open Learning programme. The entrance test will be held at each CC outside the Kathmandu Valley and at the IOL, Kathmandu.

Curricular Structure

The course structure  of One year B.ed Open Learning follows the standard guidelines of the Purbanchal University. It comprises three compulsory subjects with the other three subjects as major subjects from any one elective area. The courses are divided into two major segments of compulsory and elective subjects as following:

A. Compulsory Subjects:

1. Foundation of Education2. Education Psychology and Curriculum3 a. Curriculum Development3 b.Current Practices and Issues of Nepalese Schools' Education System

B.Elective Subjects (Any one of the following)

  1. School Management and Supervision Papers I, II, III - (Practicum)
  2. English Education Papers I, II, III - (Practice Teaching)
  3. Mathematics Education Papers I, II, III - (Practice Teaching)
  4. Social Studies Papers I, II, III - (Practice Teaching)
  5. Nepal Education Papers I, II, III - (Practice Teaching)
  6. Health Education Papers I, II, III - (Practice Teaching)
  7. Population Education Papers I, II, III - (Practice Teaching)
  8. Science Education Papers I, II, III - (Practice Teaching)