Master of Educational Sciences in Education, Planning and Management

Master of Educational Sciences in Education, Planning and Management

2 years

MES  - Education, Planning and Management is a two  year, 4 semester master degree program of Mid Western University School of Pedagogical Education and Freedom. 

Curricular Structure

Semester wise Breakdown of the Courses

Semester I

EDU 511: Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDU 512: Education and Development

EPM 513: Educational Planning and Social Order

EPM 514: Managing Educational Human Resources

EPM 515: Leadership in Education

EPM 516: Learner Discipline and School Management

Semester II

EDU 521: Managing Diversity in Education

EDU 522: Application of Learning Theories in Education

EDU 523: Research Methods in Education

EPM 524: Educational Management in SAARC Countries

EPM 525: Organizational Theory and Strategic Planning

EPM 526: Secondary Education Management

Semester III

EPM 531: Discourses in Educational Planning

EPM 532: Contemporary Issues in Educational Planning

EPM 533: Action Research in School Decision Making

EPM 534: Planning for Financing of Education

EPM 535: Resource Management Practices in Nepal

EPM 536: Dynamics of School Supervision and Administration

Semester IV

EPM 541: Student Teaching (on-campus)

EPM 542: Student Teaching (off-campus)

EPM 543: Thesis Writing