Master of Educational Science in Digital Pedagogy

Master of Educational Science in Digital Pedagogy

2 years
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Master of Educational Science in Digital Pedagogy (MES DP) is a Master of Education equivalent program which is intended to enhance the professional growth of people involved in tertiary or higher education-level education and training, specifically in the current digital world. The objective of the program to improve participants' knowledge of issues related to digital education while also enhancing their professional profiles.

The program is specifically developed for full-time and part-time teachers at affiliated campuses that fall under the purview of study institutes and faculties. The curriculum is provided in ODL Mode, which combines distance learning and blended learning to give students the freedom to study from home while also attending classes on campus.

Admission Criteria

In order to be considered for admission to the program, interested students must fill out an online application and pass an entrance exam. The institution's website contains the application form, and the entrance exam will also be taken there. Students will be admitted to the program based on how well they perform on the entrance exam.

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