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What students can expect from a College,  the promoter of which  do not pay for the service they have subscribed?

How will they teach the ethical way of conducting business, when they do not follow the ethics?

We doubt.....

Thank you for your rudeness, your ways of conducting business and your attitude! 

"Get Well Soon"

Sincerely yours:

Plan Academy and College is situated in Kumaripati Lalitpur, it offers +2 in Science, Management and Humanities. 

Plan Academy aims at developing intellectual, spiritual and physical potential of students so that they can foster-self assurance and self-esteem.

Established and run by the professional team of scholars, educationist and education consultants, cps college is the best place for students to learn and use their wisdom, positive and critical thinking, self discipline and self integrity for pursuing a successful career and leading a better life.

The ambience of Plan Academy positively enhances the learning process of students. It is situated in a quiet atmosphere of Kumaripati area. The peaceful, serene and spacious premises stimulate one for academic activities.

The most salient feature of Plan Academy is that it has direct link and association with European universities and one can have a golden opportunity for international level education with abundant scholarship. we assure you that Plan Academy Secondary School with this new dimension added will become a stepping stone for higher studies abroad after college studies here.

There are link programs in management studies and hotel management courses with one year bachelor level at Plan Academy Secondary School college and three years in universities of Europe.

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Plan Academy College

Kumaripati, Lalitpur

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