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Bridgewater international college is an organization formed with the idea of initiating “excellence in academics” in its best possible sense; the process involving the bridging of education network globally. Bridgewater international college aims in making the academic system sound; so much so that it is validated and made qualified by institutions globally.

Bridgewater Education Foundation is an autonomous private organization dedicated to excel in the academic arena changing the way the traditional education system works in Nepal. It is in fact, a large education network that runs various Montessori schools, secondary and secondary schools and other academic institutions all over Nepal. It works with various national and international individuals, institutions and collaborations with sole objective of building men and women of leadership and integrity who are a part of an extraordinary network of people making a difference in the fast changing world of today. It aims to create academic platforms where individuals can grow both practically and rationally and can deliver what the global world demands.

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Bridgewater Education Foundation and Research Center
PO Box: 1233
Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal

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