Ace School

Gairigaoun, Kathmandu



Based in Kathmandu, one of the two schools under the Ace High School umbrella is a K-10 institution known as Ace Primary School. The other school, also known as Ace Secondary School (or Ace Higher Secondary School), operates alongside it. The institution nurtures a structured learning atmosphere aimed at facilitating holistic growth among its students, enabling them to realize their academic, artistic, physical, and socio-emotional potential.

Mission of Ace

  • Every Child feels safe and comfortable exploring and learning.
  • Children’s curiosity to learn is nurtured to make them autonomous and self-regulated learners.
  • Everyone imbibes and embodies the values of respecting self and others and doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Salient Features

Parents as Partners for Child's Development

At Ace School, a dynamic environment awaits students, where practical life experiences serve as the foundation for learning within an active educational setting. Each student perceives the world as an extension of their school and embraces learning as an intrinsic aspect of existence. The institution prioritizes fostering a spirit of experimentation, exploration, and expression among its students by engaging them in authentic real-world scenarios. Furthermore, the school advocates for the development of students' potential while promoting values of respect for others, the environment, and themselves.

Social Emotional Learning

At Ace School, the curriculum integrates Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), facilitating students' comprehension and acknowledgment of their emotions. This integration serves to foster empathy, enhance self-control, and promote stress management among students. Furthermore, SEL supports the cultivation of robust interpersonal connections and interpersonal skills, which are pivotal for students to thrive as adults, both within and beyond the classroom setting.

Excursions & Field Traps

Excursions and field trips constitute integral elements of the Ace School's curriculum. By providing learning opportunities beyond the confines of the classroom, these outings serve to enrich and enhance educational activities within the school setting.

School Clubs

At Ace School, students have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of Co-Curricular activities, beyond the regular offerings, aimed at developing skills not typically addressed during standard school hours. They can select from various options aligned with their interests, including Business, Photography & Videography, Eloquent, Publication, Event Management, Outreach, Ace Ted-Ed Club, and Content Creation. These clubs not only provide excellent networking opportunities but also serve as platforms for students to meet others who share similar interests and ideas, while also allowing them to take on leadership roles within their chosen activities.

Major Events

At Ace, students participate in a variety of activities throughout the academic year, fostering a sense of belonging, connection, and school pride while extending their learning beyond the classroom. The flagship events include Kaleidoscope, the biggest Inter School festival, providing a platform for students to showcase talents across Music, Fine Arts, Sports, and Wits. Family Day offers families a chance to socialize and engage in enjoyable activities with students and staff. Literacy Week celebrates achievements in literacy and encourages a love for reading and writing. Ace Annual Theater showcases students' acting and theatrical skills based on a yearly theme. Ace Bazaar serves as a fun-filled marketplace where young Acepreneurs enhance business skills through selling various hand-made products. Project Exhibitions allow students to display their project work and reflect on their learning journey. The Annual Day celebrates academic and extracurricular achievements with performances and awards. Sports Week features outdoor and indoor competitions, including sports like Futsal, Badminton, and Basketball, as well as track events and indoor games like Table tennis, Chess, and Carom.

Admission Guidelines

To apply for admission at Ace School, individuals are required to complete the application form, obtainable at the school’s reception or downloadable from the institution's website. Prior to admission, a brief assessment of the child will be conducted. Details regarding the assessment date and procedures will be provided upon submission of the application form.

The assessment aims to facilitate the child's progression from their current level and is not utilized as a means to accept or reject applicants.

However, in the upper elementary school level, a child's aptitude will be evaluated to gauge their attitude and maturity. Given that children of this age typically possess established habits and beliefs, those whose values markedly differ from the school's may not be accommodated. While the institution maintains a policy of not outrightly rejecting children, it recognizes the potential challenges of integrating a child into a larger group with divergent grooming practices.

Required Documents

  • Two passport size photograph of the students on the admission form.
  • Parent’s passport size photographs on the admission form-1 copy each.
  • Photocopy of Birth registration certification approved by the government.
  • Photocopy of last year’s progress reports from the last school attended.
  • Immunization record for Grade 1 students.
  • Transport Map-if transport is required.
  • private Institution
  • 01-4112131, 01-4112103


Ace Secondary School
Ace Secondary School
  • Gairigaoun, Kathmandu