NIST: National School of Sciences

Lainchour, Kathmandu


National School of Sciences (NSS) established in 1993, has been run by a group of academicians deeply committed and dedicated to promoting and imparting quality education in the country. NSS, Faculty of science, aims at providing higher education in science focused on theoritical as well as practical approach to deserving students who wish to seek a science based career in future.

With the cooperation of the Faculty and other staff members, the institution is now capable to impart quality education for more than 800 students per year.

The new education system(10+2), introduced by the National Examination Board, has been adopted by NSS offering tremendous opportunity and advantages for the students. After the completion of two-year-course, students will be eligible to pursue MBBS., B.E., B.Sc. or any other degree. The college has been successfully in producing 16 batches of 2+ graduates in science stream with historical result.

Contact AddressNational School of Sciences (NSS)Faculty of Science and ManagementGPO Box: 8659, Lainchaur, Kathmandu


Bhaktapur NIST School
Bhaktapur NIST School
  • Lokanthali, Bhaktapur
Patan NISTA Campus
Patan NISTA Campus
  • Bakhundole -03, Lalitpur