Ace Secondary School

Gairigaoun, Kathmandu



Ace Higher Secondary (AHS), renowned as Nepal's premier institution for higher secondary education in the field of Management was established in 1999. With a rich legacy spanning over two decades, AHS stands as a pioneer, offering exceptional learning opportunities to high school students.

At AHS, a student-centered approach to education is paramount. The institution prioritizes nurturing each student's talents, aspirations, and potential, believing education should be transformative, fostering knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, leadership qualities, and a global perspective.

A dedicated team of experienced educators at AHS is committed to cultivating a stimulating and inclusive learning environment. Through fostering a culture of active participation, students are encouraged to engage in discussions, extracurricular activities, and collaborative projects, while innovative teaching methodologies aim to make learning engaging, interactive, and applicable to real-world contexts.

Recognizing high school as a pivotal phase in students' lives, AHS offers a comprehensive, well-rounded curriculum combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Holistic development is a cornerstone, with ample opportunities provided for extracurricular activities, sports, and community service initiatives. These endeavors promote teamwork, leadership, and social responsibility, shaping students into well-rounded individuals.

At Ace Higher Secondary, students are empowered to reach their full potential, fostering a love for learning and embarking on a journey of personal and academic growth. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter future.

Learning Philosophies of AHS

  • We learn more when we assume responsibility for and self-regulate our learning.
  • Learning never ends if we avoid intellectual arrogance and embrace intellectual humility.
  • We learn more if we compete only with self and cooperate and collaborate with others.
  • Learning is a choice; with mental effort and persistence everyone can learn.

Values of AHS

  • Honesty in work
  • Sincerity in relationships
  • Respect for self and others
  • Responsibility for one’s actions
  • Reflecting on and learning from our experience
  • Care for resources
  • Respect for laws and regulations

Salient Features

After School Clubs

At AHS, the after-school clubs present students with opportunities to develop skills beyond regular school hours throughout the year, enabling them to explore interests not typically covered during class time. Students have a range of options to choose from based on their individual interests, providing networking opportunities and avenues for assuming leadership roles. Moreover, students are encouraged to establish their own clubs according to their specific interests, whether it be the Arts Club or the Entrepreneurship Club. Becoming a club member is straightforward: students simply need to check notices at the beginning of each session, complete forms, and submit them to the club coordinator for consideration, followed by a screening process and a brief interview for selection.

Events and Activities

At AHS, the institution believes fervently in the practical relevance of education to real-life situations, understanding that only then can students effectively apply their knowledge and find value in their education. Within the AHS community, students have access to diverse opportunities, whether it's honing study skills, engaging in favorite sports or activities, exploring the natural beauty, industries, and businesses, socializing, or delving into education and career options. Despite the seemingly hectic and rigorous nature of life at AHS, it is never dull; instead, students can anticipate a dynamic and enriching experience. From events like Kaleidoscope, Leadership Camps, Graduation Ceremonies, and Fresher's Socials to activities like Ace Acoustic, Annual Tours, Short Trips, Art & Creative endeavors, Theatre performances, Orientation sessions, Fun Games, Sports events, Acepreneures Food Fest, Social Initiatives, Toastmaster Showcases, and Shramdaan, students are offered a plethora of opportunities to grow, learn, and enjoy their journey at AHS.

Programs at a Glance

Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures

Professionals from various sectors of business and management are frequently invited to engage with students, sharing their knowledge, skills, and expertise. The purpose of these seminars, workshops, and guest lectures is to familiarize students with real-world business scenarios and demonstrate how their classroom learning can be applied in practical settings. 

Busimess and Management Festivals

The purpose of Business and Management Festivals is to offer students, not only from Ace but also from throughout Nepal and beyond, a platform to demonstrate their skills in Administration, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Management. These festivals encompass a range of sub-events that integrate aspects of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship, and Current Affairs.

Performing Arts and Culture

A diverse array of events and activities, including the Annual Drama, Acoustic Music Festival, Fashion Show, Dance performances, Singing competitions, Art and Painting exhibitions, Press Conferences, Radio Jingles, Video Advertisements, and more, are arranged to offer students a platform to showcase their creativity and talent.

Tours and Recreation

The institution arranges International Tours for its students, offering them the opportunity to explore cultures, traditions, and people beyond Nepal's borders. Additionally, National tours are organized, enabling students to trek through various regions of the country and deepen their understanding of Nepal. Moreover, Industrial Tours are conducted on a regular basis, allowing students to visit diverse organizations and gain insights into production processes, supply chains, marketing strategies, and sales techniques employed by these entities.

Admission Guidelines

  • Students should apply in the prescribed application form.
  • Application form duly filled has to be registered with the admission office.
  • It is essential for applicants to appear in and qualify for admission through an interview.

Interested candidates can apply online HERE


Ace School
Ace School
  • Gairigaoun, Kathmandu


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