Morgan International Secondary School

Basundhara, Kathmandu

In 2022, a team of scholars, advocates for social welfare, and entrepreneurs came together to establish Morgan International School. They had a common objective of creating a secure educational environment for students, enabling them to prepare for a prosperous future. This institution is a private co-educational establishment, affiliated with Morgan International College in Kathmandu. Morgan International School is aware of the importance of providing an exceptional educational experience in all aspects.



Morgan International Secondary School is located in Basundhara, Kathmandu. Currently the college offer +2 program in Science, Management, Humanities and Law in affiliation with National Examination Board.


We believe that education is an effective instrument of social transformation. Therefore, our vision is to build a healthy network of teachers, students and parents, working together to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for every child. We believe that a curriculum of excellence, such as ours, will produce future citizens who will be able to handle the challenges of the 21st century with confidence and great strength of character.


Our prime focus is to nurture young minds alongside a stable and joyful academic environment, where every child’s highest potential can be harnessed. A strong character is as important as a strong mind. Thus, we cater to the individual development of each child, installing in them, a strong sense of discipline, morality and integrity. We play a pivotal proactive role in preparing every student for a bright successful life.

Why Chose Morgan?

Morgan International School endeavors to establish a firm educational groundwork for each child by incorporating the most effective methodologies. The institution has employed a remarkable team of academic professionals from various parts of the world, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. In addition, the state-of-the-art infrastructure comprises spacious air-conditioned classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, an outdoor playground for sports, an indoor cricket stadium, computer labs, and other extracurricular facilities. These provisions create a holistic environment that equips every student with the skills necessary for a successful future.

Salient Features

A modern school, Morgan International School has many features that make it the perfect place for your child:

  • Highly accomplished and dedicated faculty members, who are experts in their respective fields
  • Well equipped ultra-modern science laboratories
  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • State-of-the-art libraries
  • Separate accommodation facility for boys and girls
  • Sports training managed by experienced coaches
  • Workshops, seminars and other such interactive programmes with subject experts
  • Language improvement classes for students, seeking to sharpen their English speaking/writing skills
  • Transport facility for day scholars.

The school also have various other facilities within the school premises, allowing students to engage in different extra-curricular activities:


Morgan International School strives to ensure a seamless transition from home to school for young students. The approach is centered around the child, and the teaching methods encourages the growth of every young mind, enabling them to become intelligent, independent, adaptable, and self-assured individuals. Moreover, they have a team of dynamic Montessori teachers who are trained and committed to building a robust foundation for each student, preparing them for life's challenges.

Indoor Cricket

The school holds a strong conviction that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," and thus, co-curricular activities are an essential aspect of the integrated educational system at Morgan. The institution boasts an indoor cricket stadium that eliminates concerns about inclement weather spoiling a good game of cricket. Whether rain or shine, students can enhance their cricketing abilities during the designated schedule.

Basketball Court

While theoretical education is significant, Morgan International School recognizes that sports and extracurricular activities are crucial to a child's comprehensive development. Therefore, the institution has a fully equipped basketball court and a dedicated Physical Activities Teacher/coach to facilitate this aspect of education. Moreover, they conduct various school and inter-school basketball competitions annually, which instills healthy competition, leadership, teamwork, and discipline in our students.

Futsal Ground

Morgan International School has integrated futsal into the curriculum, providing students with the option to participate. The institution features a remarkable futsal ground, complete with a well-maintained turf that ensures a smooth and enjoyable playing experience. As futsal is an indoor sport, adverse weather conditions are inconsequential, and the mini football enthusiasts can indulge in the sport throughout the year without any interruptions.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is an essential skill as it is the only sport that can potentially save one's life. Regular swimming not only enhances lung capacity, flexibility, stamina, and posture but also serves as a recreational activity that keeps children physically strong and mentally content. Morgan International School recognizes this and provides various swimming lessons, supervised by a proficient trained guide who teaches children the correct techniques and ensures their safety while doing so.

Admission Guidelines

  • Admission forms can be collected from the school premsies between Sunday-Friday during office hours (10am-4pm) OR the form can also be filled online from the school website.
  • Students are required to attend an entrance examination in the school premises. 
  • Eligible candidates can proceed with further admission process, however, candidates from higher grandes are required to sit in an interview with their parents.
  • Admission process must be completed within the limited time period revealed by the school.

NOTE: Admission starts from Poush/Magh/Falgun.


Morgan International School provides scholarships to students who have financial problems. Scholarships are also provided to students for their outstanding academic work. 


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