Bachelor of Computer Engineering - Pokhara University

Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE Computer) is a four year, 8 semester program of Pokhara University. Seven (7) Engineering Colleges of Nepal offers Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE Computer) course with affiliation from Pokhara University. Total number of BE Computer seats at Pokhara University is 384.

Rapid development in microelectronics and computer science has created the need for specialized manpower that could fuse these two cutting-edge technologies. This fusion of knowledge and technology has led to evolution of highly specialized professional field, called Computer Engineering. The program uniquely combines the broad knowledge of programming and electronics with the specialist skill in software and hardware interfacing.

Admission criteria

Every year 17 students get scholarships to study Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE-Computer) at Pokhara University.

The scholarships Quota is divided as:


Name of the College

Scholarships seats (quota)


Nepal Engineering College, Changunarayan Bhaktapur



Pokhara Engineering College, Phirke, Pokhara Kaski



Lumbini Engineering, Management and Science College, Bhalwari, Butwal



National Academy of Science and Technology (Dhangadi Engineering College), Dhangadi, Kailali



Nepal College of Information Technology, Balkumari, Lalitpur



Cosmos College of Management and Technology, Khumaltar Lalitpur



Everest Engineering and Management College, Lalitpur


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Students who have passed I.Sc. or 10+2 (Science), or I.E. or equivalent 2nd division or above from University or boards recognized by Pokhara University.

Job prospectus

Computer Engineers have wide ranging career options in business, industries, production and service sectors and in IT-industries.

Curricular structure

Bachelor in Computer Engineering curriculum of Pokhara University

Semester Semester

First Semester

Course Code Course Title

  • MTH 111.3 Engineering Mathematics-I
  • CHM 103.4 Chemistry
  • CMP 103.3 Programming in C
  • ENG 104.2 Communication Technique
  • MEC 178.1 Mechanical Workshop
  • ELE 105.3 Basic Electrical Engineering

Second Semester

Course Code Course Title

  • MTH 121.3 Engineering Mathematics-II
  • PHY 102.4 Physics
  • MEC 109.1 Engineering Drawing
  • CMP 104.2 Object Oriented Programming in C++
  • MEC 189.2 Thermal Science
  • MEC 119.3 Applied Mechanics

Third Semester

Course Code Course Title

  • MTH 211.3 Engineering Mathematics-III
  • ELX 212.3 Logic Circuits
  • CMP 331.3 Data Structure and Algorithm
  • ELE 215.3 Network Theory
  • ELX 213.3 Electronic Devices
  • ELE 226.2 Electrical Engineering Material

Fourth Semester

Course Code Course Title

  • MTH 223.3 Engineering Mathematics-IV
  • ELE 221.3 Instrumentation
  • ELX 225.3 Electronic Circuits
  • ELX 226.3 Microprocessors
  • CMP 224.3 Theory of Computation

Fifth Semester

Course Code Course Title

  • MTH 317.3 Numerical Methods
  • ELX 352.3 Microprocessor System and Interfacing
  • CMP 332.3 Operating System
  • CMP 364.3 Computer Graphics
  • ELX 353.3 Integrated Digital Electronics

Sixth Semester

Course Code Course Title

  • MTH 212.3 Probability and Statistics
  • CMP 381.3 Simulation and Modeling
  • CMM 362.3 Data Communication
  • CMP 383.3 Database Management System
  • CMP 388.3 Object Oriented Software Engineering
  • PRJ 300.2 Minor Project

Seventh Semester

Course Code Course Title

  • MNG 410.3 Engineering Economics
  • CMP 472.3 Computer Architecture
  • ELX 482.3 Digital Signal Processing
  • CMP 474.3 Computer Network
  • Elective Elective-I (3 Credits)

Eighth Semester

Course Code Course Title

  • MNG 411.2 Organization and Management
  • CMP 421.3 Artificial Intelligence
  • CMP 481.3 Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
  • PRJ 400.5 Project Work
  • Elective Elective-II (3 Credits)
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