Lumbini Engineering,Management and Science College (LEMSC)

Tilottama-09, Bhalbari Rupandehi




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Lumbini Engineering Management and Science College's (LEMSC) establishment in 2000 AD in Rupandehi is a milestone in technical education. It is offering bachelor level program in Computer Engineering (48 Seats) Electrical and Electronics ( 48 Seats) ,Civil Engineering (144 Seats) Electronics and Communication (48 Seats). It offers Diploma level in Computer Engineering,  Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering and Masters Level in M. Sc Level.

Education has to be relevant to the age and modern age is not conceivable shun technical education. Development without technical education is almost impossible though the match of technical know how and a particular country's requirement of such technicality involves a serious debate.

Lumbini Engineering College's promotors' sole motive is to fulfill the demand of technical institute for higher level in the zone to stop the outgoing youths in the name of qualitative and technical education. So for technical education is concerned Lumbini Zone has already become self- dependent.

Objective of the Institute

LEC is established with an aim to provide a quality education with high technical excellence with its aim of producing qualified and competent graduate engineers. The objectives of LEC include the following:

  • To develop competent, skilled human resources is the area of engineering.
  • To impact various short term and long term training courses in different sectors.
  • To make academic environment healthy, honorable and achievement oriented by enhancing the quality of education.
  • To provide technical assistance and consultancy services in the fields of engineering and socio-economic development.
  • To conduct research and training sessions for development activities.
  • To develop an education 7 research center in the Western Region of Nepal.
  • To provide a remarkable jobs opportunity to qualified human resources.

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Lumbini Engineering College (LEMSC)

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