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United Technical College is an engineering college, affiliated with Pokhara University. It is located in Bharatpur, Chitwan. United Technical College has long run expectation to prepare itself as human resources producing institution in the field of engineering technology at different levels such as bachelors and masters program in different discipline. It caters Bachelor level engineering program in Civil Engineering (96 Seats ), Electrical and Electronics (48 Seats). It looks after the academic are of consultancy services, research and developmental activities in the engineering field.

Objectives of United Technical College

  1. To produce engineering human resources in the field of engineering from bachelor to master levels in the different engineering discipline.
  2. To conduct different types of research studies, conferences and seminars in the issues of national interests on engineering sectors with mobilizing wide partnership.
  3. To provide necessary technical and consultancy services as demanded by the government of Nepal, private sectors, NGOs and INGOs.

Contact Address

United Technical College
Bharatpur-11, Bhojad, Chitwan.

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