Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

4 years

Bachelor of Engineering in Information technology (BE IT) of Pokhara University is a 4 year course divided into 8 semesters. The program is taught across 4 institutions. 

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Information plays a very important role in life as well as in business. The Bachelor in IT Engineering course mainly focuses on efficient storage and retrieval of data from geographically scattered repositories, and reliable transfer to the point of requests and applications. This course makes capable of using a computer as well as communication technology.



  • The candidates should have completed Class 12 examination of NEB or equivalent level from a recognized academic institution.
  • The candidates should have studied at least one course (having at least 100 full marks or 5 credits) each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • The candidates should have scored a minimum of 45% or a CGPA/GPA of 2.0 (in a scale of 4.0) and at least Grade C (in case of A-level, at least Grade D) or 45% in each subject (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics).

The minimum criterion of Grade C (in case of A level, Grade D) or 45% does not apply to other courses or extra courses, if any. Candidates should have studied mathematics of at least 100 marks in Class 11 or class 12 examination of NEB or equivalent level.

Curricular Structure

Curricular Structure of Bachelor in IT Engineering (BE IT) of Pokhara University

Semester Semester
First Semester

Course Code Course Title

MTH 111.3 Engineering Mathematics-I

PHY 102.4 Physics

ENG 104.2 Communication Technique

CMP 103.3 Programming in C

CMP-102.3 Problem Solving Techniques

ELE 105.3 Basic Electrical Engineering

Second Semester

Course Code Course Title

MTH 121.3 Engineering Mathematics-II

ELE-216.3 Network Theory

MTH-122.3 Mathematical Foundation for Computer

CMP 104.2 Object Oriented Programming in C++

ELX-213.3 Electronic Devices

MEC-109.1 Engineering Drawing

Third Semester

Course Code Course Title

MTH 211.3 Engineering Mathematics-III

ELX 212.3 Logic Circuits

ELX-225.3 Electronic Circuits

CMP-332.3 Data and File Structure

MTH-213.2 Probability & Queuing Theory

CMP-203.2 Programming in Java

Fourth Semester

Course Code Course Title

MTH 223.3 Engineering Mathematics-IV

ELE 221.3 Instrumentation

CMP-227.3 Microprocessor and Assembly

CMP-384.3 Data Base Systems

CMP-386.3 Software Engineering Fundamentals

Fifth Semester

Course Code Course Title

MTH-317.3 Numerical Methods

CMP-333.4 Applied Operating System

CMP-212.3 Computer Organization and Architecture

ELX-478.3 Principle of Communication

ELX-482.3 Signal and System Processing

Sixth Semester

Course Code Course Title

CMP-486.3 Advanced Computer Architecture

CMP-365.3 Computer Graphics

ELX-363.3 Data Communication

CMP-483.3 Web Technology

MNG-411.2 Organization and Management

CMP-476.3 Object Oriented Design and Modeling

Seventh Semester

Course Code Course Title

CMP-366.3 Multimedia Systems

CMP-475.3 Computer Network and Internets

CMP-482.3 Telecommunication Systems

MNG-412.2 Managerial Economics

Elective Elective-I (3 Credits)

Project Work Fundamentals

Eighth Semester

Course Code Course Title

CMP-477.3 Client Server Architecture & Applications

CMP-478.3 Network Programming

MNG-413.3 Project Management

CMP-494.2 Social and Professional Issues in IT

PRJ 400.5 Project Work

Elective Elective-II (3 Credits)