Bachelor of Software Engineering

Bachelor of Software Engineering

4 years
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  • Fee:Starting NPR 587,000

Bachelors of Software Engineering program is a 4-year (8 semesters) 133 credit undergraduate engineering program.  Graduates of this program possess knowledge and skills of a defined engineering approach to complex systems analysis, planning, design and construction. The program has a unique, project-driven curriculum, establishing a new model of communication, teamwork, critical thinking and professionalism.

The goal of the program is to provide a professionally guided education in software engineering that prepares graduates to have a broad range of career options: industry, government, computing graduate program, and professional education. After the completion of this program, the graduates exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Be agile software developers with a comprehensive set of skills appropriate to the needs of the dynamic global computing-based society. 
  • Capable of team and organizational leadership in computing project settings, and have a broad understanding of ethical application of computing-based solutions to societal and organizational problems. 
  • Acquire skills and knowledge to advance their career, including continually upgrading professionalism and technical skills.
  • Have the ability to apply the modern and state-of- art tools and technologies for software engineering practice.
  • Have the ability to apply software engineering perspective through software design and construction, requirements analysis, verification, and validation, to develop solutions to modern problems such as security, data science, and system engineering.

Software engineering is a young, challenging discipline that is still evolving as information technologies continue to open up new areas of exploration and potential. Engineers mix the theory and practice of computer science, engineering and traditional IT disciplines to create software that is reliable and works efficiently on real machines.

BE Software Engineering course explores the design, construction and engineering of large, complex software systems that meet information processing challenges within constraints such as cost, time and risk management.


  • The candidates should have completed Class 12 examination of NEB or equivalent level from a recognized academic institution.
  • The candidates should have studied at least one course (having at least 100 full marks or 5 credits) each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • The candidates should have scored a minimum of 45% or a CGPA/GPA of 2.0 (in a scale of 4.0) and at least Grade C (in case of A-level, at least Grade D) or 45% in each subject (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics).

The minimum criterion of Grade C (in case of A level, Grade D) or 45% does not apply to other courses or extra courses, if any. Candidates should have studied mathematics of at least 100 marks in Class 11 or class 12 examination of NEB or equivalent level.

Job Prospects

Bachelor of Engineering (BE in Software Engineering is intended to produce quality, world-class graduates in this rapidly developing discipline. The degree has been specially designed in response to industry demand to produce graduate software engineers with large-scale software systems project capability. Graduates who can offer skills in these areas are in demand by business and government organisations concerned with software development on a large scale. Such skills are equally important to small projects and businesses, providing software engineering and integration services to government or large private organisations.

Graduates will be prepared for careers across all industries as applications developers, internet developers, programming specialists, systems programmers, and software designers, engineers, architects, consultants and developers.

  1. Software Engineers have a high scope in applications, systems and computer networks
  2. Focused to prepare highly technical and skilled programmer to compete with all IT and computer science graduates
  3. This course, Bachelors of Engineering in Software Engineering, is purely focused on software development which is required by all industry, Government organizations, and Enterprise Houses.

Why software Engineering?

  1. Software engineers are the professionals who apply computer science and mathematics to
  2. Design and develop software
  3. Perform testing and maintain the software

Curricular Structure



The curriculum of BE Software Engineering consists of 133 Credit hours course to be completed in a four years time. The details of the course descriptions are given below:

  1st Semester   2nd Semester
Engineering Mathematics-I   Engineering Mathematics-II .
Physics   Logic Circuits
Communication Technique   Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
Problem Solving Techniques   Engineering Drawing
Fundamentals of IT   Object Oriented Programming in C++
Programming in C   Web Technology
  3rd Semester   4th Semester
Engineering Mathematics- III   Numerical Methods
Software Engineering Fundamentals   Computer Graphics
Microprocessor & Assembly Lang. Pro.   Computer Organization & Architecture
Data Structure and Algorithms   Database Management Systems
Probability & Queuing Theory   Object Oriented Design & Modeling through UML
Programming in Java   Project I
  5th Semester   6th Semester
Applied Operating System   Multimedia Systems
Simulation & Modeling   Computer Networks
Artificial Intelligence & Neural Network   Principles of Programming Languages
System Programming   Engineering Economics
Analysis & Design of Algorithm   Object Oriented Software Development
Organization and Management   Project II
  7th Semester   8th Semester
Real Time Systems   Network Programming
Distributed Systems   Software Project Management
Enterprise Application Development   Elective II
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition   Major Project
Software Testing, Verification, Validation and Quality Assurance    
Elective II