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Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) is located in Pokhara, Nepal. It was founded in 1998 and officially inaugurated in 1999. The college runs under the non-profitable Public Education Trust and is affiliated to Pokhara University, located inside the premises of Gandaki Boarding School (GBS), Lamachaur, Pokhara. 

Salient Features


The classrooms possess ample space, effective natural lighting, and proper ventilation, along with sufficient electrical amenities. Within these spaces, there is utilization of ergonomically crafted furniture and multimedia instructional tools to facilitate the teaching-learning procedures. The approach to classroom instruction revolves around the foundational aspects of theoretical and conceptual education, achieved through interactive engagements encompassing case studies, assignments, quizzes, and presentations.


The library at GCES stands as a commendable and meticulously arranged resource hub, housing not only textbooks and reference resources but also a considerable assortment of unique technical volumes contributed by our backers from both domestic and foreign origins. Among its offerings are subscriptions to diverse national and international journals, daily newspapers, and monthly periodicals. The library, equipped with cutting-edge technology, features a computerized information system, along with an extensive compilation of electronic books, software utilities, and more.

Laboratories and Workshop

Within GCES, there exists a remarkable IT framework comprising dedicated spaces for Computer labs, Electronics and Microprocessor labs, Electrical labs, a Mechanical Workshop, and Physics labs. Notably, the institution boasts capacious computer laboratories outfitted with tailored proprietary and open-source software, all aligned with the curriculum's requirements.

Transportation Facility

The college owns a 45-passenger bus that operates along key routes within the Pokhara valley, facilitating the transportation of students for pick-up and drop-off purposes.

Health Center

GCES maintains a health facility staffed with medical professionals, offering inclusive primary healthcare services alongside supplemental support.

ICT Center

Within GCES, there is an ICT center building outfitted with contemporary amenities, enabling the hosting of virtual classes, seminars, video conferences, and workshops.

Recreation and Sporting Facilities


GCES places significant emphasis on recognizing the significance of recreational and sports endeavors for its students. The institution boasts impressive provisions for indoor games such as basketball, badminton, and table tennis, while also offering outdoor activities like football, volleyball, and cricket. Diverse student batches annually coordinate various sports events, fostering a vibrant sports culture. Additionally, the academic year witnesses the arrangement of distinctive cultural programs, affording students a platform to engage in stage performances encompassing drama, poetry recitation, singing, and dancing.

Industrial Relaations

Gaining firsthand experience through involvement in actual projects within authentic work settings stands as a crucial aspect for students prior to their graduation and subsequent job applications. Consequently, nurturing connections with industries holds vital importance in equipping students with the practical skills they genuinely need. GCES maintains a strong rapport with IT industries, enabling students to access valuable industrial exposure and insights. Specialists from these enterprises regularly visit the campus to conduct specialized workshops, training sessions, and seminars, enhancing the educational experience.

Admission Guidelines

For Bachelors of Computer Engineering/ Bachelor of Software Engineering programs:

Students who have passed SLC (Class-12) in Science (Physics or Biology group with at least Mathematics of 100 Marks) with minimum of C grade (In aggregate) in Physics, Math, Chemistry or Diploma in Engineering with minimum of 45% Marks. GCE A level: Grade D in each Subject or equivalent degree will be eligible to apply. Applying candidates are selected on merit basis through the entrance examination. Syllabus structure for entrance exam will be based on weightage of Mathematics (40%), Physics (30%), Chemistry (20%) and English (10%).

For Master of Science in Information System Engineering (M.Sc. ISE) program:

Students who have passed Bachelors of Engineering degree in Software Engineering/Computer Engineering/ Electronics and Communication/ Information Technology/ Electrical and Electronics Engineering or equivalent with minimum of 2.0 CGPA or equivalent will be eligible to apply.


Being a non profit organization, Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) supports academically bright and needy students with financial assistance to students. Scholarships are awarded to academically bright, economically disadvantaged, but intelligent and self-motivated students. These scholarships are provided primarily after an evaluation of students’ previous academic records and their financial needs as assessed by the scholarship committee.

University (Government) Scholarship:

GCES provides scholarships on both undergraduate and graduate level as per government rule, and these scholarship students are selected by the Pokhara University.

GCES Scholarship:

GCES provides scholarships to the academically bright and needy students with some financial assistance. These scholarships are awarded to the academically bright, economically disadvantaged, intelligent and self-motivated students, and are reviewed in each semester.

Every year, entrance examination topper students, and semester topper students are awarded with scholarships according to college rules and regulations. 


The Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) operates as a tertiary education institution situated in the picturesque city of Pokhara. Its establishment took place in 1998, and the official inauguration followed in 1999. The institution is overseen by the non-profit organization known as the "Gandaki Public Education Trust." Affiliation with Pokhara University characterizes the college, which is situated within the premises of Gandaki Boarding School (GBS) in Lamachaur, Pokhara.

Presently, GCES provides Bachelor's Engineering programs encompassing Software Engineering (B.E. Software) and Computer Engineering (B.E. Computer), alongside a Master of Science program in Information System Engineering (M.Sc. ISE). Ownership of the institution lies with Nepal's Ministry of Education, and its administration falls under the responsibility of the "Gandaki Public Education Trust."

The guiding aspiration of GCES has perpetually been the attainment of international distinction as an academic hub, guided by the motto "Knowledge, Character, and Service." The curricula offered by the institution equip learners for diverse domains within Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and the specialized realm of Information Systems Engineering. These programs not only cultivate expertise in the respective subjects but also instill a broad spectrum of ideas, knowledge, values, and research skills.

A distinctive hallmark of GCES's educational offerings is the emphasis on practical projects in conjunction with a solid foundation in theory. This strategy provides students with remarkable preparation for roles within the industry, fostering entrepreneurial aptitude and research capabilities. Through the amalgamation of techniques, research initiatives, and innovative learning, GCES is enhancing the landscape of engineering education.


To become a center of excellence and resource center this contributes to the nation through excellence in Scientific and Technical education, knowledge creation, and research


  • To improve the well-being of the economically and socially disadvantaged people in the society by creating and advancing knowledge to our students and professionals.
  • To provide quality education in information and communication technology that encourages students to compete successfully in the technology field
  • To cultivate an atmosphere of intellectual discipline that encourages and facilitates both students and faculty with some scholarships to the students, and hence prepare engineering professionals with knowledge, values and skills which will enable them to make a significant contribution to the nation and the global village.
  • To fulfill its mission with a deep concern for socially and economically disadvantaged members of its community.
  • To develop the institute as the internationally recognized academic centre.

Core Values

  • Academic Excellence 
  • Leadership
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Encouragement
  • Social Responsibility

Message from the Campus Chief

Birendra Khadka

Dear Students, Parents and Well Wishers,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES). The College has tried to capture the ideas from diverse academic disciplines applied to the engineering filed.

Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) was established in 1998 AD as the first community technical college aimed at generating engineering technicians under the umbrella of Gandaki Boarding School (GBS) and affiliated to Pokhara University. It has been functioning as a non-profitable educational institution and has been registered under Public Education Trust. The college is committed to the development of highly skilled engineering manpower in various disciplines as per the country’s requirement. Now, it offers Bachelor level programs in Engineering.

The vision of the college is: “Becoming more responsive to the ever-changing needs of the students and the engineering Profession”. The College is experiencing a period of significant growth because it offers an impressive range of academic resources. The family of GCES seeks to empower students to develop a passion for lifelong learning and nurture them by engaging their intellect, emotions and natural curiosity. We develop student’s competence and motivation such that it will enrich self-esteem.  

Our daily work includes creating a safe and supportive environment in which all learners can pursue academic and social learning experiences and fulfill their unique potentials. The College is enormously benefited by the wide range of perspectives and talents brought in by the students, faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds. The College also offers a wide range of social, cultural and recreation activities with the hope that students take a little time from their studies to enjoy some of these benefits as well.

As the Campus Chief, I express my commitment to the highest quality in Bachelors and Masters programs and ensure that these programs are built on a sound foundation of excellence and innovation. The College creates a common platform for students, professionals, industrialists and entrepreneurs to co-ordinate and communicates for the technology development and empowerment of Engineering Education.

Birendra Khadka
Campus Chief