Everest Engineering College

Everest Engineering College

Sanepa, Lalitpur


Everest Engineering College (EEC), established in 2001 A.D, holds a prominent position as one of Nepal's leading engineering colleges. It operates under the affiliation of Pokhara University. The college is managed by a group of dedicated and experienced academicians who actively engage in administration, classroom teaching, and research across various engineering disciplines, ensuring the overall success of the institution.

EEC's primary goal is to deliver quality education to students and cultivate highly skilled individuals with a strong sense of professional integrity and ethical values. Recognizing education as a means of knowledge transfer, the college emphasizes research, innovation, and practical opportunities for aspiring engineers. By fostering an exceptional teaching-learning environment, promoting extensive counseling, facilitating interactions, and encouraging project-based learning, EEC aims to provide students with comprehensive educational experiences.

The college takes pride in its graduates, who have consistently demonstrated competence and competitiveness in both academic pursuits and professional careers, locally and globally. EEC's commitment to producing academically proficient and morally upright human resources has contributed significantly to society and the nation as a whole.


To be established as a national resourceful center of excellence for technical education through research and innovation in the fields of engineering.


  • To develop globally competent human resources through career focused quality technical education.
  • To provide progressive and accessible education opportunities within the institution.
  • To prepare our graduates socially responsible with patriotic feeling.
  • To prepare skilled and trained human resources to give contribution in nation building for much awaited prosperity of the nation.


  • To provide quality education on the basis of guidelines, norms and standards specified by Pokhara University.
  • To establish itself as a center of academic excellence in learning making the students familiar with technological fields and various researches in engineering.
  • To provide exposure to the students in the latest technological innovation.

Salient Features


Situated adjacent to the main road, EEC encompasses a vast expanse of land, featuring an array of well-designed infrastructures within its premises. The college boasts modern and visually appealing buildings, meticulously constructed office rooms, generously spaced classrooms, an inviting library, well-equipped laboratory rooms, seminar facilities, conference halls, training venues, a canteen, a sports ground, and ample open areas for extracurricular activities. Adequate parking space is available for vehicles, while a sturdy boundary surrounds the college from all directions, ensuring security and a peaceful environment. Security personnel remain stationed at each entrance gate to safeguard the college's infrastructures at all times.


The library is well-stocked with an abundance of textbooks, reference books, physical and online journals. Every student receives a full set of textbooks for their current semester, and an additional set is available for borrowing, allowing them to have one set for home use and another set for studying in the library. The college has created a peaceful learning environment within the library, which includes a digital resources center equipped with computers, internet access, and journal databases. Students have the flexibility to study individually in dedicated learning spaces or collaborate in groups for brainstorming sessions. .

Advance Computer Lab

Students have access to contemporary computer labs equipped with internet connectivity for their regular lab activities. These labs are also available to students and faculty members for educational purposes outside of scheduled sessions. The EEC boasts a spacious computer lab that can accommodate over 50 individuals simultaneously. It utilizes client-server technology, offering the benefits of abundant resources and server-based data storage. The virtual desktop unit, paired with thin clients, ensures a smooth and uninterrupted computer experience.

Colleges Cafeteria

The College houses an on-site cafeteria, which aims to offer quick service, improved hygiene, and affordable prices. The cafeteria provides morning meals, as well as breakfast, tea, coffee, and snacks. The selection of the cafeteria contractor is based on available and suitable quotations. An experienced individual in food services management, along with their team, manages the cafeteria at EEC. Both students and staff members of the College benefit from the services provided by the cafeteria. The kitchen of the cafeteria is accessible, and the premises are maintained in a clean condition.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Clubs

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and clubs are student-led initiatives guided by faculty members who specialize in the respective domains. The purpose of these groups is to provide students with leadership opportunities and foster teamwork. Students take charge of managing and organizing the activities of these groups. Computer and IT engineering students initiate SIGs such as Data Science, Robotics and Drone, AI and Machine Learning, Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking, and Programming. Similarly, Civil Engineering students initiate SIGs like Road Safety and Smart Road Technology, Water Resource and Environment, Equitable Infrastructures, and Geotechnical Group.In addition to their academic pursuits, students at EEC actively participate in various sports events. 


In addition to their academic pursuits, students at EEC actively participate in various sports events. Sports play a crucial role in fostering teamwork, promoting physical, mental, and social well-being among students. They also provide valuable lessons in both victory and defeat. Recognizing the importance of sports, EEC has provided facilities for basketball, table tennis, and volleyball within the college premises. Occasionally, students are taken to public grounds for football and cricket matches.

Admission Guidelines

Students seeking admission in different Bachelor Level Engineering Programs at EEC must be a Secondary (12th) Graduate in science, or Diploma in Engineering, or A-Level or equivalent from a recognized institution securing at least grade C (or 45% in percentage system or A-Level) in each of the subjects studied with one course of 100 full marks in each of the courses Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Candidates meeting the above-mentioned criteria can apply both in physical or online mode and appear entrance examination conducted by the college as per Pokhara University and University Grant Commission (UGC) Nepal norms. Successful candidates are eligible to get admission in the programs offered in the College.


EEC provides different scholarships to encourage and support brilliant students with outstanding performances.

Nepal Government Scholarship
Nepal Government Scholarship: Out of total number of students admitted in an academic year 10% students receive full scholarship as Nepal government scholarship through Pokhara University.

Outstanding Scholarship
University toppers with 4.0 SGPA will be awarded full scholarship for the next one semester. This scholarship is awarded in each program for every class of 48 students.

Program Topper Scholarship
EEC provides a 100% tuition fee scholarship for the program topper for next one semester.

Achievement Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to meritorious students based on their prior achievements and entrance examination conducted by EEC.

EEC-LMC Scholarship
The college provides full scholarships for 3 students, one in each of the programs to the permanent residents of Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC).


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