National Academy of Science and Technology (Dhangadi Engineering College)

Uttar Behadi, Dhangadi-4, Dhangadhi




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National Academy of Science and Technology (Dhangadhi Engineering College), popularly known as NAST was established with sole intention to promote as a center of learning for academic excellence in the field of science-technology and management.

In the inception year 2057 B.S.(2000 A.D.) as the first and only engineering college in Mid Western and Far Western development regions, it has been offering probably best facilities and greater opportunities to unexplored talents and economically fewer income groups, especially in province no. 7 in the country.

The college started Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE Computer) under the affiliation of Pokhara University in its initial years and later added other programs such as Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in 2001 A.D., Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Civil Engineering(BE Civil) in 2010 A.D. and Bachelors in Computer Engineering (BCE).

Appreciating the need of the regions and always striving for excellence in academic pursuit, NAST also intends to carry out research and promotional activities for the growth and dissemination of scientific, technical, and managerial knowledge, which then positions NAST into a leading academic institution of the country.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of NAST is to establish itself as the technological and managerial hub of the country. NAST has set the following objectives to achieve its goal:

  • Exploring potential talents in the western region of the country.
  • Providing affordable and quality education at global standards.
  • Producing highly competent and skilled bureaucrats, technocrats and efficient managers as to meet the challenges of the space age.
  • Establishment of institutional linkage and collaboration with the regional, national and international institutions involved in the fields of research and development in different areas of science, technology and management.

Contact Address

Dhangadhi-04, Uttar Behadi, Kailali
Phone: +977-91-523312,521312
Fax: +977-91-523949
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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