Computer Scientists

Last updated December 31, 2014

Imagine a time when computers didn’t impact our daily lives. Now imagine new ways that computers will influence our lives in the future. How can they make your life easier, safer, healthier, and richer? Computer scientists are searching for the answers.

Computer scientists are thinkers, designers, architects, and innovators. In a world where success is measured by speed, efficiency, and access, computer scientists are inventing new languages, tools, and methods so that computers will continue to enhance our lives in new ways.

Computer scientists come up with new ways of improving computers. They often work on a more abstract level than other computer professionals.

“You can't know in advance what's going to work out or who you'll be working with, but the more things you're ready for and willing to try, the better off you're likely to be.” Brian Kernighan, Professor of Computer Science,Princeton University

Are You Ready To...?

  • Invent new ways for humans and machines to communicate
  • Earn an advanced degree to achieve greater expertise in your field
  • Specialize in robotics, virtual reality, programming languages, or another area
  • Work as part of a team

It Helps To Be...

A logical thinker and a good communicator. You may have great ideas, but often you’ll work as part of a team and you’ll need to convince others why your ideas will work. 

Make High School Count

  • Take as much advanced math as your high school offers.
  • Make the most of your science classes. They train you to think logically.
  • Sign up for computer science classes. If your high school doesn’t offer any, look into summer classes for precollege students at local two- or four-year colleges.
  • Keep up with the latest computer technology news, and read about the industries that excite you the most.
  • Consider attending computer science summer camp.

Did You Know?

Some computer scientists work as part of a university team to design robots.