Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

BE Computer ·
4 years
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  • Fee:NPR 304,500

The Far Western University (FWU) is offering the course in Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering. The objective of this course is to produce skilled, qualified Computer Engineers that work for software development, network design and implementation, hardware and software troubleshooting, network security policies, etc. A strong theoretical foundation with sufficient practical exposure prepares students to solve real-world problems.

The total number of available seats in the program is 48. Engineering classes are conducted in the day shift.

Fee Structure for BE Computer Engineering (2077-78 Batch)

  1. Open Category: 304,500
  2. Scholarship Category: 57,500

Salient Features

Each course is specified with lecture, tutorial, and practical hours per week. The method of instruction is a lecture, enhanced by tutorials, and/or practical depending upon the relevancy of the course. Tutorials are used to widen the concepts stated in the course. Practical and laboratory classes are used to develop necessary concepts and basic skills.


Far Western University offers scholarships on various bases. For scholarships please contact the university.


The candidates seeking admissions in BE Computer Engineering must have completed 10+2 from a recognized institution or any equivalent degree (A-level, Diploma in Engineering) with major in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 

The candidates are required to have secured 'C' Grade or  45% or equivalent from a recognized board.

Admission Criteria

Candidates can apply online from the website of Far Western University at

Candidates are required to submit the forms as listed below while submitting an online application:

  • Citizenship
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Marksheet of SLC/SEE, Provisional certificate, Migration Certificate, and Character certificate
  • Transcript of +2 level, Provisional certificate, Migration certificate, and Character certificate

Contact details:

Address: Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur

Contact number: 977 (99) 520729 | 977 (99) 520727



Curricular Structure

This course is divided into eight semesters. The first-year courses include fundamental common subjects. The second and third-year courses generally include specific courses of the related discipline. The fourth-year courses include professional and application-type courses.

The course structure provides subject-wise information about the lecture, tutorial, and practical hours per week, full marks and pass marks for the internal and final examination and the duration of the final examination.

Credit Hours

This is a full-time course with 141 credit hours, Each student has to choose 2 elective subjects equivalent to 6 credit hours and one minor project of 3 credit hours. A field-based major project of 6 credit hours should be taken.

Internal Assessment and Final (End Semester) ExaminationThe student’s performance in each subject is evaluated by internal and final examination. Internal Assessment40 % of the total marks is allocated for internal assessment for the theory part of all subjects. Internal assessment marks should include class attendance and performance, timely submission, and correctness of assignments, class tests, quizzes, etc.

Evaluation of the practical part of most of the subjects is done through continuous assessment. It includes lab performance, report submission, presentation, viva, etc. However, for few courses, final examinations are also conducted.70 % attendance is mandatory to qualify for the final examination. Final ExaminationExaminations of theoretical subjects are conducted as per the academic calendar of FWU. The duration of the final examination will be of 3 hours for most of the subjects.

Pass MarksEach student must obtain 45 % in both internal assessment and final examination of each subject to pass in a particular subject. Only students who have passed the internal assessment of a particular subject are allowed to appear in the final examination of that subject.

Evaluation SystemStudents are evaluated on a continuous basis throughout the semester. Evaluation is done by the faculty, a consequence of the autonomous status granted to the faculty of engineering. Project work is evaluated on the basis of the review by internal and external examiners. For successful completion of the course, students should pass all the components of all subjects in all semesters. The overall performance of each student is measured by a cumulative grade point average.Depending upon the final weightage aggregate percentage scored by a student, a division is awarded as follows:CGPA > 3.6: Distinction DivisionCGPA < 3.6 and ≥ 3.0: First DivisionCGPA < 3.0 and ≥ 2.0: Second DivisionCGPA < 2.0 and ≥ 1.0: Pass Division

Curriculum Structure

First Year | First Semester
Course Code Course Credits
AR 111 Engineering Drawing 2
SH 112 Engineering Math I 3
SH 113 Engineering Physics 3
EE 114 Basic Electrical Engineering 3
CT 115 Programming in C 3
ME 116 Workshop Technology 1
Total   15
First Year | Second Semester
Course Code Course Credits
SH 121 Engineering Math II 3
SH 122 Engineering Chemistry 3
ME 123 Thermodynamics 3
CE 124 Applied Mechanics 3
CT 125 Object-Oriented Programming 3
CT 126 Discrete Structure 2
Total   17
Second Year | Third Semester
Course Code Course Credits
SH 231 Engineering Math III 3
CT 232 Data Structure and Algorithm 3
CT 233 Theory of Computation 3
EE 234 Electrical Circuit Theory Course 3
EX 235 Digital Logic 3
EX 236 Electromagnetics 3
Total   18
Second Year | Fourth Semester
Course Code Course Credits
SH 241 Applied Mathematics 3
EX 242 Microprocessor 3
CT 243 Algorithmic Mathematics 3
EE 244 Electrical Machine 3
EX 245 Electronic Device and Circuit 3
SH 246 Communication English 3
Total   18
Third Year | Fifth Semester
Course Code Course Credits
SH 351 Probability and Statistic 3
EX 352 Instrumentation 3
EX 353 Computer Graphics 3
CT 354 Object-Oriented Software Engineering 3
CT 355 Computer Architecture and Design 3
CT 356 Operating System 3
Total   18
Third Year | Sixth Semester
Course Code Course Credits
CT 361 Project and Organization Management 3
CT 362 Research Methodology 2
CT 363 Artificial Intelligence 3
CT 364 Database Management System 3
EX 365 Communication System 3
SH 366 Engineering Economics 2
CT 367 Minor Project 3
Total   19
Fourth Year | Seventh Semester
Course Code Course Credits
CT 471 Computer Networks 3
CT 472 Distributed Computing 3
CT 473 Information System 2
CT 474 Data Mining and Data Warehousing 3
CT 475 Simulation and Modelling 2
CT Elective I 3
CT 476 Project - Part A 2
Total   18
Fourth Year | Eighth Semester
Course Code Course Credits
CT 481 Digital Signal Analysis and Processing 3
CE 482 Engineering Professional Practice 2
CT 483 Information Security 3
CT 484 Big Data 3
CT Elective - II 3
CT 485 Project - Part B 4
Total   18
Elective I
Code No. Subject Credits
CT 4701 Multimedia System 3
CT 4702 Image Processing and Pattern Recognition 3
CT 4703 Networking with IPV6 3
CT 4704 Geographical Information System 3
CT 4705 Agile Software Development 3
CT 4706 Embedded System 3
CT 4707 Software Project Management 3
CT 4708 Internet and Intranet 3
Elective II
Code No. Subject Credits
CT 4801 Enterprise Application Design and Development 3
CT 4802 Internet of Things 3
CT 4803 Distributed and Object-Oriented Database 3
CT 4804 e-Government System 3
CT 4805 Web Technology 3
CT 4806 Machine Learning 3