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List of GCE A Level Colleges in Nepal

April 03, 2019
Last updated May 09, 2024
List of GCE A Level Colleges in Nepal
KMC Lalitpur

The General Certificate of Education (GCE) 'AS' and 'A' Levels, running under the Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE) of Cambridge University, is one of the most recognized qualifications as secondary level education globally. 

The flexibility of stream choice, gold standard academic curriculum, and worldwide recognition has made GCE 'A' Level one of the most sought out courses in the globe. Today Cambridge GCE 'A' Level is being taught in more than 160 countries with a variety of 55 subjects divided as science and non-science. 

The course is usually studied over a two year period as an Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level and Advanced (A or A2) level. 'A' Level is equivalent to the Secondary (10+2) / the two-year Intermediate level studies or PCL/Diploma Level in Nepal. With the completion of the course, students can enroll in medical/engineering colleges or pursue higher education in Management, IT, Pure Sciences or Social Sciences.

The syllabus and examination are set by the University of Cambridge and the papers are corrected in the UK by approved markers. 

The course is offered in two separates streams:

  1. GCE A level- Science
  2. GCE A level Non-Science

The Science stream consists of Physical Group (with Core subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics), and Biological Group (with Core subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology). Similarly, the Non-Science stream is bifurcated into Management Group (with Core Subjects: Accounting, Business and Economics) and Humanities Group (with core subjects: Economics, Sociology and Psychology).

Apart from these core papers all students are required to give the examination of English (General Paper). Students can also choose one course according to their interest. The elective courses include but are not limited to Computing, Mathematics, Art and Design, English Language, Environmental Management, etc. 

Eligibility for A-level

Students who have completed SEE/ O level/ CBSE/ IGCSE or equivalent are eligible to study Cambridge GCE 'A' Level.

A-level Admission Intake

Generally during the month of April / May.

List of Top Colleges Offering A-level in Nepal

  1. Chelsea International Academy
  2. Budhanilkantha School
  3. Global College International : A Levels
  4. NAMI College
  5. St. Xaviers College
  6. The British College (TBC)
  7. Campion Academy
  8. Kasthamandap A Level Academy
  9. Millsberry A Levels
  10. Malpi Institute
  11. Xavier International School
  12. Saipal Academy
  13. Orient College
  14. Trinity International College
  15. Ace A Level
  16. Rupy's International School
  17. Kathmandu World School

Further detailed information on colleges offering A-levels in Nepal is provided below:

1. Chelsea International Academy

Established in 2005 A.D, Chelsea International Academy offers GCE A level Non-Science and Science. Located at Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Chelsea provides good and affordable practical education to support and create various opportunities to enhance the personal growth of the students.

The institute strives to exceed its students' expectations in their learning process and provide value-added services to help them in their future careers.

2. Budhanilkantha School

Budhanilkantha School located at breathtaking panorama of the capital, Kathmandu, is the government-designated ‘National School’ of Nepal. The School is a fully residential English medium school that offers classes from grade 5 to 12, including the Advanced Level of Cambridge University, UK.

Apart from high academic standards Budhanilkantha School also imparts multi-dimensional skills and leadership qualities through an array of sports and extracurricular activities.

3. Global College International : A Levels

Located at Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Global College International (GCI)- A Levels is one of the top colleges that runs the Cambridge A-level on a frame of international curriculum. GCI 'A' Levels prepares the students as Cambridge Learners, who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged - equipped for success in the modern world.

The A-Level programs at GCI are run with consistently updated syllabus delivered in latest models of student-centered interactive pedagogy as advanced by Cambridge University.

4. NAMI College

Naaya Aayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute (NAMI) College is one of the top colleges operating in Nepal. The College was established with a view of contributing to the social and economic growth of Nepal through the establishment of a center of excellence for education.

NAMI College offers various subject combinations for GCE 'A' Level students to fulfill the requirements and to prepare students for university studies such as Science, Medicine, Engineering, Business and Liberal Arts. The college is introducing Photography subject for the first time in Nepal for interested students.

5. St. Xaviers College

St. Xaviers College, one of the popular academic institutions of Nepal was established and managed by the Nepal Jesuit Society in 1988 AD. Currently, St. Xaviers College offers 14 different programs including Ten Plus Two Program in Science and 'A'Level program (Non-Science and Science). 

St.Xavier's College promotes constructive student-teacher contact and encourages students to develop their full potential for leadership.

6. The British College (TBC)

A-levels at The British College aims to develop students’ knowledge, understanding, and skills through In-depth subject content. At TBC, students are taught to work independently by applying knowledge and understanding to new as well as familiar situations. A-levels at TBC helps students handle and evaluate different types of information sources and most of all enable them to think logically and present ordered and coherent arguments and explanations.

7. Campion Academy   

Located in Lalitpur, Campion Academy was founded under the umbrella of Chaudhary Group (CG) Education. The Integrated Learning Approach at Campion focuses on the learner’s developmental needs and abilities: it is an activity-based learning process where experimentation, self-discovery, a high level of engagement, and hands-on experience are given importance, in addition to exam preparation. This interdisciplinary approach creates eager and active learners who are exposed to a stimulating learning environment and engage in a wide range of developmentally-appropriate activities.

8. Kasthamandap A Level Academy

Since 2013, Kaasthamandap Academy, located in Mandikhatar, Kathmandu, has been providing the Cambridge International Advanced Level (A Level) program, which is equivalent to +2 as per the Government's policy. This internationally recognized qualification is highly valued and serves as an excellent preparation for university education. The college is known for its student-centric approach, which includes a team of qualified and experienced faculty, personalized guidance counseling, and a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. These services, along with the college's exceptional facilities and resources, are designed to help students achieve their academic and career goals.

9. Millsberry A Levels

Millsberry A-levels is dedicated to enriching high school students' educational experience, fostering global competitiveness through cutting-edge facilities, distinguished faculty, and seasoned administrators. Emphasizing accessible, high-quality education, Millsberry prioritizes creativity, innovation, and collaboration, maintaining ISO standards and integrating international and local curricula since 2014. This commitment ensures students receive a comprehensive education aligned with global benchmarks, preparing them for success in an interconnected world.

10. Malpi Institute

Malpi Institute, located in Baluwatar, a central area of Kathmandu along Subarna Shamsher Marg, catches the eye of visitors with its impressive buildings. Since its establishment in 2000 AD, this educational institution has been committed to providing education that centers around the needs of students. Although it is relatively young, the college has gained a reputation for its exceptional teaching standards and is part of the wider Malpi Group of Educational Institutions. At present, Malpi Institute offers a two-year General Certificate of Education (CIE) program, known as A-Levels, which is accredited by the University of Cambridge in the UK.

11. Xavier International College - A Level

Xavier International College - A Level, established in 2006, the school is located in Kalopul, Kathmandu. The school's curriculum is based on the Cambridge UK and National standards and focuses on English-based comprehensive education. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, the school promotes strong relationships between students and teachers, and offers a range of extracurricular activities.

12. Saipal Academy

Saipal Academy, an esteemed educational establishment in Nepal, was founded in 2002 and is well-known for its student-centered approach to education. The institution's unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that its students receive a superior education that equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary for long-term success. As a result, Saipal is a highly sought-after institution in Kathmandu. The Academy is distinguished by its exceptional faculty, top-notch infrastructure and amenities, and exceptional learning environment, making it one of Nepal's most prominent educational institutions.

13. Orient College

Orient College, established in 2003, is conveniently located at Narayan Gopal Chowk, Maharajgunj, in a serene and academic environment with ample physical infrastructure. Despite its short existence, this college has gained immense popularity among parents and students alike. A team of well-known educationists, academicians, renowned authors, social workers, and scholars with more than 18 years of professional experience and dedication runs this college. Orient's slogan, "Education for Excellence," reflects its team's commitment, and the college is gradually gaining recognition as a result.

14. Trinity International College

Trinity International College is a highly esteemed academic institution that caters to intermediate and Bachelor's level students. Located in Dillibazar height, Kathmandu, Trinity International College is renowned for its academic excellence, making it one of Nepal's premier higher secondary schools. The College boasts a warm and welcoming environment, state-of-the-art facilities, and highly reputed instructors. The institution is managed by a dedicated team of experts who are guided by exceptional national and international advisers, ensuring that students' needs are met and academic assistance is provided.

15. Ace A Level

Ace A Level is a modern and progressive educational institution that fosters an inclusive learning environment for students at various academic levels, enabling them to face the prospects and hurdles of the current era. Throughout it's twelve-year journey since it's establishment in 1999, they have become a prominent institute that actively pursues its vision of augmenting the potential of individuals and organizations in Nepal to contribute towards the advancement of the country.

16. Rupy's International School

Rupy's International School, located in Baphal, Tahachal, Kathmandu, focuses on creating an environment where children can thrive with their peers and teachers. A child's eagerness to attend school is a positive start to the day, and they are encouraged to communicate and express themselves in a language that is widely spoken within the school. The core values prioritize the holistic development and personalized attention of each and every student, which is why we maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio of 1:6.

17. Kathmandu World School

Situated in the serene and calm locality of Surya Binayak–7, Gundu, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu World School (KWS) offers an idyllic setting that fosters an exceptional learning experience. KWS was established as a result of a shared vision of a group of distinguished Nepalese educators and entrepreneurs who recognized the need for a semi-residential institution of global standards in Nepal to cater to the increasing demand for comprehensive and high-quality education for children aged between five and nineteen.

For a full list of colleges in Nepal that offer A-levels, visit HERE.

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