Millsberry A Levels

Tokha, Bansbari, Kathmandu
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Millsberry International College, located in Bansbari, Kathmandu, offers the Cambridge International A Levels program in both Science and Non-Science streams. Millsberry A Levels is dedicated to providing high school students with an education that not only enhances their academic abilities but also prepares them for global platform. 

The college is committed to creating a resource-rich environment, featuring state-of-the-art facilities, and led by a distinguished faculty, all overseen by a team of experienced and professional administrators.

Furthermore, Millsberry provides a range of different credited subjects along with different non-credited courses to boarden their educational opportunities.

Salient Features

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Millsberry takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities, which provide students with contemporary resources and technology to enrich their learning and growth. Their dedication lies in utilizing these assets to offer an outstanding educational journey, promoting a climate of innovation and flexibility.

Global Preparedness

In today's interconnected world, career opportunities extend beyond national borders. The institution ensures its students receive an education that meets the highest international standards, preparing them for global career prospects and research opportunities.

Expert and Eminent Faculty

The faculty consists of highly experienced and exceptionally qualified professionals committed to providing superior instruction and mentorship. Educators are distinguished by their comprehensive qualifications and extensive experience in their respective fields, particularly in A Levels education.

Experienced and Professional Administrative Team

The efficient management of college operations is ensured by the experienced and professional administrative team, which fosters a supportive and well-organized environment for both students and staff.

Small Classroom Size

By maintaining small class sizes, the institution guarantees personalized attention for each student, fostering a learning environment that effectively addresses individual needs and enhances interaction between students and teachers.

Individual Attention

At Millsberry, the focus remains on the academic development of every student, with tailored support and guidance offered. The dedicated educators are committed to assisting each student in reaching their highest potential through personalized attention.

Student-Centric Approach

The institution employs a student-centric approach, customizing teaching methods and support services to align with the unique needs and interests of its students, thereby ensuring their success and well-being.

Additional Tutorial Classes

In support of students requiring extra assistance or desiring a deeper understanding of specific subjects, additional tutorial classes are provided. These sessions encompass targeted exam preparation, ensuring that all students approach their exams with confidence.

Result-Oriented and Practical Approach

Millsberry emphasizes a practical and results-focused approach to education, equipping students with the essential knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for real-world success.

Career and Guidance Counseling

The institution's comprehensive counseling services aid students in making informed academic and career decisions, supporting their aspirations, including guidance for studying abroad. Assistance with university applications, standardized tests, and visa processes is provided through professional workshops and counseling sessions.

Psychological Counselor

Recognizing the significance of mental health, the institution provides access to a psychological counselor who offers support, guidance, and assistance to students. This ensures the provision of a safe and supportive environment for students to address their concerns, acquire coping strategies, and effectively manage their mental health, contributing to a holistic and nurturing educational setting.

Admission Guidelines

Eligibility for A Level

Candidates who have taken the SEE/IGCSE/O Levels/ CBSE or equivalent degree at the time of
admission can apply. The main requirement is the academic ability to fulfill the rigors of this challenging program.

Admission Process for A Level

Entrance Test

Candidates must appear in the entrance test as scheduled by the institution. The test is designed to evaluate candidates aptitude and capability in subjects studied on the previous level.


Each candidate after being successful in the entrance test is called for an interview accompanied by their parents, as a mandatory requirement.


Admission will be granted to those candidates, who successfully qualify for the entrance test and interview. Once the admission is granted candidates must deposit the admission fee (Non-refundable).


Millsberry A Levels offers partial financial aid to a limited number of exceptional candidates who demonstrate merit as well as need.


Mills Berry School
Mills Berry School
  • Bansbari, Kathmandu


Millsberry A Levels is devoted to enriching the educational experience of high school students, aiming not only to boost their academic prowess but also to equip them for global competitiveness. The college prides itself on fostering a resourceful environment, boasting cutting-edge facilities and distinguished faculty, all under the guidance of seasoned administrators.

At Millsberry, the emphasis is on delivering education that is both accessible and of exceptional quality. The institution's core mission revolves around fostering a student-centered atmosphere that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Through a pragmatic and results-oriented approach, Millsberry seeks to instill a culture of excellence and originality.

Renowned as a top-tier educational institution, Millsberry consistently maintains high standards of academic excellence and professionalism, adhering closely to the stringent criteria set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Since 2012, the college has undergone routine quality assessments to uphold its esteemed reputation.

In its dedication to innovation and scholarly inquiry, Millsberry has since 2014 integrated the international curriculum with the curriculum prescribed by Nepal's Curriculum Development Centre (CDC). This strategic initiative underscores the college's forward-thinking ethos and its commitment to delivering an education that is globally pertinent and locally resonant.

Through these endeavors, Millsberry not only exposes its students to a diverse array of perspectives and instructional methodologies but also ensures they receive a comprehensive education aligned with international benchmarks, preparing them for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Mission of Millsberry

Our mission is to nurture a vibrant community of learners, equipped with the necessary tools and mindset to excel in a constantly changing world. We are dedicated to creating a dynamic educational environment where curiosity is encouraged, knowledge grows, and every individual is empowered to become a positive, open-minded global citizen.

We aim to provide an educational experience that not only fosters academic excellence but also prepares our students to engage with and contribute to the global community with confidence, creativity, and compassion. Through our commitment to this mission, we strive to develop leaders who are ready to face the challenges of the future and make meaningful contributions to society.

Vision of Millsberry

Our vision is to become a world class educational institution in Nepal, addressing the increasing need for comprehensive, high quality education. We aim to prepare our students to excel globally, instilling them with confidence, expertise, and a lifelong passion for learning. This foundation will shape them into future leaders who are prepared to navigate and contribute to the international arena with distinction.