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Xavier International School

Kalopul, Kathmandu

Xavier International School is running classes from kindergarten to grade 10. Xavier International School has been offering a rigorous and comprehensive learning opportunity for students. The school also offers +2 in Management, Humanities, and Science. 

The school was established in 2006, and in April of 2017, completed its 10th year.  The school provides an English-based comprehensive education that follows the Cambridge UK and National curriculum. The school maintains a low student-to-teacher ratio allowing for a strong student-teacher relationship and a variety of extra-curricular activities. 

1 - 7


The school recognizes all children are entitled to the best start in life and support to achieve their potential. A child's experience has a vital impact on his/her future life chances, so the school does its best to provide them with a safe, happy, and secure learning environment. 

The school aims to make children confident and independent learners. It provides many opportunities for students to demonstrate what they have learned. learning at Xavier International is generally inquiry-based, where students are encouraged to identify pertinent questions and construct well-informed answers.   

Xavier International Montessori School is committed to providing a superior childcare experience for children and parents. At the school, a high-quality service is offered, and the parents can have full confidence that their children are being well cared for at all times.

The curriculum at the school is designed to integrate and enhance personal, social, and emotional development, as well as communication, language, literary and artistic skills of the children.


The vision of the school is to be recognized as one of the best learning systems in Nepal, empowering students to become Confident, Responsible, Innovative, Engaged, Reflective, and ready to make a difference.


The mission of the Xavier International School is to prepare students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning through excellent education in all environments.


  • Respect: for ourselves, for others, for the environment
  • Excellence: Excellence mindset in all our endeavors
  • Partnership: A three-cornered partnership between the School, the Home, and the Student.
  • Leadership: Leadership of Self, and of others
  • Integrity: Action guided by morals & ethics
  • Compassion: Heart for & commitment to service
  • Support: Helping everyone to succeed

Salient Features


The School offers students a range of food options, including snacks and a buffet-style lunch made with locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible. The cost of these meals is included in the student's fees and is compulsory. For boarding students, the school provides breakfast and dinner on weekdays and three meals a day on weekends. A Food Committee comprising of students, staff, and parents supervises the menu and food policy, in addition to an operational team.


A school bus service that caters to various areas in the Kathmandu Valley, with the specific routes depending on the demand for the service is offered by the school. 

Safety and Security

The safety and security of its students and staff are of utmost importance to Xavier International School, and as such, the institution has established multiple procedures to safeguard the well-being of its community. Additionally, visitors are required to adhere to the school's dress code and code of conduct while on campus and are expected to seek permission prior to taking photographs.

Counseling Services

Xavier International School offers a comprehensive array of counseling services and support for its students, parents, and staff. These services comprise individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, career counseling, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, educational counseling, referral services, and crisis counseling. The school employs experienced counselors and/or psychologists to deliver these services, and confidentiality is maintained to ensure a secure environment for students to express their thoughts, feelings, and worries. The counseling services aim to tackle various concerns such as personal, social, emotional, behavioral, academic, career, mental health, and crisis-related matters.


The School involves students in a diverse range of activities that go beyond the typical academic curriculum. These activities include extracurricular undertakings such as sports, clubs, and arts programs, along with assemblies, concerts, talent shows, and other events that enable students to demonstrate their abilities and unify as a community. The school further provides opportunities for field trips, service-learning initiatives, yoga classes, social events, and the chance to learn from resourceful individuals who can share life experiences and motivate students. 


Great importance is placed on physical activity and sports the student body. The institution provides a comprehensive sports program with regular offerings such as futsal and basketball. Additionally, the school hosts an annual sports week with a diverse range of activities including march past, PT drill, sports dance, and competitions in sports such as track and field, football, basketball, table tennis, and badminton. Physical education classes, fitness and wellness programs, coaching and training are also available to students to encourage healthy habits and develop their athletic abilities. The school motivates students to participate in competitive events, such as swimming, which has resulted in past students winning medals at the national level.

Service Learning

Xavier International School places significant emphasis on service learning as an educational experience. The institution's service learning programs involve students collaborating with local organizations or groups to address actual world necessities and problems, thereby offering hands-on learning opportunities that enable students to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world situations. These programs also offer opportunities for reflection and evaluation, teamwork and collaboration, skill development, and personal growth. Service learning provides students with a distinct method to learn and grow, as well as make a favorable impact on their community.

Admission Guidelines

  • Make an enquiry or book a school tour: You can make an enquiry or book a school tour with the school where you will be able to get all of the required information about the school.
  • Submit and application and pay the application fee: After a school tour, the admissions team will provide you with a checklist of required documents. Upload the required documents and pay the application fee .Wait for further instructions from the school regarding your application status.
  • Schedule an interview/assessment and/or classroom visit: The ADmissions team will invite the children for an interview and/or assessment. You may be invited for a class visit.
  • Application review and seat offer: Once the admission decision has been made, the school will contact you. Applicants that choose to accept an admission offer are required to confirm acceptance within two weeks. To secure the offered seat, the additional checklist items must be completed, and applicable fees must be paid. The admissions team will provide the details.
  • Enrollment welcome appointment: The admissions team will schedule a welcome appointment with the family 3 to 5 days prior to child’s first day of school . You will receive student and parent ID cards and purchase school uniforms. 


Xavier International College
Xavier International College
  • Tushal, Bouddha, Gokarneshwar, Kathmandu