Xavier International College: A Level

Kalopul, Kathmandu
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Salient Features

  • Interactive Lecturing & Practical Oriented Teaching: Xavier International focuses on interactive lecturing and practical-oriented teaching methods that allow students to gain hands-on experience in accounting, finance, and other subjects.
  • Periodic Testing Pattern: Periodic testing is crucial for students to assess their understanding of the subjects covered in class. Xavier International conducts regular tests to help students identify areas they need to focus on.
  • Presentations: Presentations are a great way for students to develop their communication and presentation skills. Xavier International provides opportunities for students to present their ideas and projects.
  • Seminars: Seminars can help students gain exposure to current trends and developments in their fields. Xavier International organizes regular seminars on different topics related to commerce.
  • Career Guidance: Coaching institutes should provide career guidance to students to help them choose the right career path. This should include information about various career options, job opportunities, and the skills required for different professions.
  • Personal Counseling: Personal counseling can help students deal with personal and academic issues. Coaching institutes should provide personal counseling to students to help them overcome any challenges they may face.
  • Group Discussions: Group discussions are an effective way for commerce students to share their ideas and opinions. Xavier International provides opportunities for students to participate in group discussions.
  • Industrial Study Visit: Industrial study visits can help commerce students gain practical experience and learn about the industry. Xavier International  organizes industrial study visits to help students understand how businesses operate.
  • Standardized Test Preparation  Guidance: Xavier International Levels provide advanced guidance for IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT, exams to help students succeed in these competitive exams.
  • CLT (Communicative Language Training) & Life Skills: Xavier International provides communicative language training and life skills programs to help students develop the necessary skills to succeed in all areas of life.
  • Experienced and Qualified Teaching Faculty: Xavier International Levels have experienced and qualified teaching faculty who can provide students with the necessary guidance and mentorship.
  • Motivational Sessions & Expert Talks: Motivational sessions and expert talks can help commerce students stay motivated and inspired. Xavier International  invites experts to provide guidance and motivation to students.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports: Xavier International provides indoor and outdoor sports facilities for commerce students to stay physically fit and healthy.

Facilities at Xavier International

  • Library
  • Health and Medical Services
  • Counseling Service
  • Physics, Biolog, Chemistry and Computer Lab
  • Transportation
  • Hostel
  • Cafeteria
  • Student Service Center
  • Clubs, Councils and Committees

Fun Facts About Xavier International

  • Results ranked at the forefront globally and within Nepal.
  • The highest number of scholarships awarded annually.
  • Access to exceptional educators.
  • Leaders in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Basketball champions.
  • A 98% overall pass rate, leading to recognition as the top college by the Plus Two Board.
  • Ensured safety and security around the clock.
  • The premier institution for engineering, medical, management, and law preparation and success.
  • Providing unparalleled exposure to international platforms.
  • Impressive track record of placing students in esteemed global universities.
  • Acknowledged for outstanding e-learning practices and corporate social responsibility initiatives during the pandemic.

Admission Guidelines

  1. Choosing Subjects and Application Forms
  2. Scholarship Entrance Test
  3. Interview
  4. Offer and Acceptance
  5. Enrollment


+2 Entrance Scholarship

Particular Science Management Humanities
100% Monthly Fee 28 28 4
50% Monthly Fee 40 40 5
25% Monthly Fee 50 50 15

Total: 260 Seats

SEE Top Scholarship

Particular Science Management Humanities
100% College Fee 3 3 1
100% Monthly Fee 3 3 1

Total: 21 Seats

+2 Outstanding Scholarship

Particular Science Management Humanities
100% College fee & Hostel 3 1 1
100% College fee & 50% Hostel 3 1 1

Total: 10 Seats


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Xavier International College
Xavier International College
  • Tushal, Bouddha, Gokarneshwar, Kathmandu

About Us

Xavier International College has been a pioneering force in delivering contemporary education to schools and colleges across Nepal since its establishment in 2001. With a commitment to excellence, it has graduated some of the largest cohorts of students, positioning itself as the premier choice for those seeking high-quality education and meeting rigorous academic standards. Actively engaging in student development within a dynamic educational landscape, Xavier International leverages its global network to provide access to the vast resources offered by leading education providers worldwide, ensuring a transformative learning experience for its more than 5000 students.

Situated in Kathmandu, Xavier International College stands as a testament to co-educational excellence. Affiliated with the Nepal Examination Board (NEB) for Class 11 and Class 12 qualifications, as well as with Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) UK for A-Level qualifications, the college is dedicated to fostering a unique educational journey for its students. With a focus on nurturing students into contributing global citizens, Xavier International College strives to provide a holistic educational experience that prepares students to thrive in an interconnected world.

Mission of Xavier International

To provide academic excellence in a responsible environment emphasizing on the holistic development of a child, integrating technology in education to make our students “Future ready”. 

Vision of Xavier International

By 2030 the Xavier international will be one of the leading educational institutions in Nepal providing quality education. 

Values of Xavier International

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Service
  • Caring
  • Discipline

3 Golden Rules at Xavier International

  1. Skills: Identify your skills or activities that you're uniquely good at.
  2. Opportunity: Identify areas of economic growth or opportunities that you have interest in.
  3. Interest: Things you love doing that makes you happy and gives you the most pleasure.

Global Recognition of Xavier International

  • Global Recognition Awards, 2019, Dubai (Excellence in Teaching Award)
  • South Asian Business Excellence Awards, 2021, Colombo, Sri Lanka (Outstanding E-learning Practice)
  • World Education Leaders Summit & Awards, 2021 (Outstanding College fo the Year)
  • South Asian Business Excellence Awards, 2021, Colombo, Sri Lanka (Best Use of CSR Practices during Global Pandemic)

Message from the Chairman

Lok Bahadur Bhandari

As the Chairman of Xavier International College, I am delighted to welcome you to our community. We are a college with a mission, a vision, and core values that guide us in nurturing each child’s potential.

Our mission is to provide academic excellence in a caring environment, emphasizing holistic development. We integrate technology seamlessly, preparing students for the future. At Xavier International, we create a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment where every child thrives. We recognize that each child is unique, and our curriculum is tailored to their individual needs. We warmly invite all interested parents to visit our college and experience our program firsthand. Our staff is here to assist you at every step of the way.

Thank you for considering Xavier International College for your child’s education. Together, let’s embark on a journey of growth, discovery, and excellence as we nurture the potential within each of our students.

Lok Bahadur Bhandari