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  • Affiliation: University of Cambridge
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Eligibility: Passed Secondary Education Examination (SEE)

Xavier International college, a leading institute of Nepal  has been serving A level programmes since 2001 with excellence world top results and recognized as top 3 colleges in nepal with 98% pass results and 37+ nepal top results on different subjects. It is affiliated to the University of Cambridge, UK and also a Global British Council Partner School. Cambridge International A levels are highly rewarded for their academic excellence and students who successfully complete the program are well equipped for success in their academic and professional lives. 

The five Cambridge learner attributes are Confident, Reflective, Responsible, Engage and Innovative which is designed to recognise that each student needs to develop certain attitudes and life skills throughout their education, along with some academic skills, in order to be successful at university and in employment.

This program is designed to develop critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills, as well as prepare students for independent research and study. This program is challenging and rigorous and requires students to engage in active learning, including research, discussion and analysis. 

A-Level Biology is a meticulously crafted course aimed at providing students with a thorough grasp of fundamental concepts and theories in biological science. Typically spanning two years, the course is structured into multiple modules or units tailored to specific learning objectives.

Throughout the program, students delve into the intricacies of life's diversity, spanning from cellular mechanisms to intricate ecosystems, while also delving into principles of genetics, evolution, and ecology. Emphasis is placed on understanding the interconnectedness of biological processes and their interactions with the environment.

Covering a wide array of topics, including biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, microbiology, genetics, and ecology, the curriculum equips students with essential knowledge, theories, and methodologies in biological research. Moreover, students develop analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills essential for success in the field.

Assessment in A-Level Biology typically encompasses a blend of examinations and coursework, ranging from essays to research projects and laboratory reports. Successful completion of the course opens pathways for further studies in biology or related disciplines at the university level, as well as diverse career opportunities in fields like medicine, research, biotechnology, and environmental conservation.

Subjects Offered

Bio Group Physical Group
English General Paper English General Paper
Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry
Biology Mathematics
Mathematics Further Mathematics
Computer Science Computer Science
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