Admission Open in Master of Arts and Post Graduate Diploma Programs: Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dean's Office announces admission open in Master of Arts (MA) Semester programs and Post-Graduate Diploma programs.

Tribhuvan University's affiliated and constituent campuses around Nepal, as well as the Central Department, offer semester-based Masters program. Students must submit the application form to the college in which they wish to apply.

(Updated on 17th August 2021 based on updated admission notice)

Important dates and time

  1. Form Distribution Starts From: Asadh 20, 2078 (July 4, 2021)
  2. Application Fee: NRs. 1500 (Normal) and NRs. 3000 (Late)
  3. Form Submission Deadline with Normal Fee:  Bhadra 21 2078
  4. Form Submission Deadline with Late Fee: Bhadra 22- 25, 2078
  5. Entrance Examination: Bhadra 30, 2078, 1 PM to 2 PM
  6. Entrance Exam Result:  Ashwin 5, 2078
  7. Admission Deadline:  Ashwin 13 2078
  8. New Session Starts From:   Ashwin 14 on wards 

Entrance examination dates for master-level programs run by internal funding may be different. Students are requested to contact respective campuses in case of any confusion. 

OLD Notice 

Refer the table below for specific program-specific details. This table is according to the old notice. The entrance exam date and time of which has already been amended (as per notice above)

Master's Program

Subjects/ Class Shifts/ Centre Contact Bank & Account No. Entrance Exam Date & Time
Conflict, Peace and Development (Morning) 01-4332631 9841364981 Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. Account Name: Department of Conflict, Peace and Devcelopment Studies, TU Account No.:060000061535524 31st Shrawan 08:00-10:00 AM
Counselling Psychology (Morning) 9849422222 9851121830 Nepal Bank Ltd. Kirtipur 04500106368792000001 31st Shrawan 01:00-2:30 PM
Gender Studies (Day) 01-4272128 [email protected] Nepal Bank Ltd. Kantipath Account No.: 2170010019807000001 32nd Shrawan 01:00-03:00 PM
Governance and Anti-Corruption Studies (Morning) 01-4330345 9841087180 Global IME Bank, Kirtipur Bank Account No.: 0501010000577 1st Bhadra 08:00-10:00 AM
International Relation and Diplomacy (Morning) 01-4335586 9851166426 [email protected] Global IME Bank, Kirtipur Bank Account No.: 0501010000543 Account Name: Department of International Relation and Diplomacy 30th Shrawan 08:00-10:00 AM
Labour Studies (Evening) 9841463717 9841415077 [email protected] Nepal Bank Ltd, Kirtipur Account No.: 0450010680218000001 2nd Bhadra 01:00-03:00 PM
Social Work (Morning) 9841599135 Global IME Bank, Kirtipur 0501010000279 2nd Bhadra 08:00-10:00 AM
Sports Science (Morning) 9851014504 9841382286 Nepal Bank Ltd. Kirtipur Account Name: Master in Sports Science Program Account No.: 04500100105021000001 3rd Bhadra 08:00- 10:00 AM
Tourism and Hospitality Studies (Evening) 01-5527209 9851081280 [email protected] Global IME Bank. Kirtipur Account Name: TU Master inTourism and Hospitality Studies Account No.: 0501010000471 32nd Shrawan 01:00-02:30 PM

Post Graduate Program

PGD in School Counselling (Department of Psychology) 9841491747 9841400414 Global IME Bank, Kirtipur Account Name: Post Graduate Diploma in School Counselling Account No.: 0501010000407 3rd Bhadra 01:00-03:00 PM
PGDY Yoga Science (Morning) (Department of Sanskrit) 9841587473 01-4334272 Nepal Bank Ltd, Kirtipur Account Name: PGDY Yoga Account No.: 04500100104642000002 32nd Shrawan 08:00-10:00 AM

Students can get application form from their respective colleges/departments and have to submit it accordingly. 


Find the details in the official notice below: