MA in Geography

MA in Geography

MA Geography ·
2 years

Master of Arts (MA) Geography is two-year (Four Semester) academic course. The course equips students with professional knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to understand geography and geographical issues, undertake research studies, promote education, and contribute for sustainable development.

The syllabus of the course has been designed to cover major components of the physical geography, human geography, and spatial planning and management including techniques and tools of geography. Present syllabus is an outcome of recent exercises involving faculties and experts to incorporate contemporary issues of physical, human and spatial aspects including the techniques and tools of geography. It is envisaged that this course will enable students to deal with various aspects of natural, and human geography and spatial planning.


Candidates having bachelor degree in geography or any other subjects recognized by Tribhuvan University are eligible to apply for admission in MA Geography.

Admission Criteria

An applicant seeking admission to MA in Geography must appear and pass the entrance examination conducted by Dean's Office/CDG, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science. The applicant who fails to appear in the Entrance Examination or to obtain the minimum qualifying score will not be given admission.

The admission of students will be based strictly on merit list and the enrollment capacity of Central Development of Geography/Campus.