Post Graduate Diploma in Women Studies

Post Graduate Diploma in Women Studies

Post Graduate Diploma
1 year

Tribhuvan University, Department of Home Science has been offering this One-Year Postgraduate Diploma course in Women Studies since 1996.

The course's material focuses on gender and associated themes. Its goal is to produce professionally qualified graduates who will work with development organizations that promote women's empowerment and gender equality. Students will be able to perceive things through a gender lens and better comprehend women's challenges and issues as a result of their education, which they will be able to apply in their professional lives. Since the academic year 2076/077, this program has been run on a semester schedule.


Students should be able to do the following after completing the course:

  • Women's advancement and their involvement in the development process should be emphasized.
  • Use gender-related knowledge and skills in a cost-effective manner.
  • View things through the lens of gender to gain a better understanding of women's challenges and issues.
  • Research and evaluate gender issues.


A candidate must have a minimum Bachelor Level or its equivalent from any discipline from any university, board, or institution recognized by Tribhuvan University. 

Curricular Structure

The curricular structure of this program is divided into two-semester over a year duration.

N.C: Nature of Course   IM: Internal Marks   EM: External Marks   TM: Total Marks

First Semester
Course Code Course Title N.C. IM EM TM
WS-475 Sex Gender and Society Theory 60 40 100
WS-476 Patriarchy and Feminism Theory 60 40 100
WS-477 Gender and Development I Theory 60 40 100
WS-478 Women's Issues Theory 60 40 100
WS-479 Basics of Social Research Theory 60 40 100
Total         500
Second Semester
Course Code Course Title N.C. IM EM TM
WS-480 Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Theory 60 40 100
WS-481 Women in Politics and Public Policy Theory 60 40 100
WS-482 Women and Law Theory 60 40 100
WS-483 Gender and Development II Theory 60 40 100
WS-484 Thesis Writing       100
Total         500