MA in Home Science

MA in Home Science

2 years

Master of Arts (MA) in Home Science is offered in Central Department of Home Science, Bagh Bazar, Padma Kanya Campus. Home Science is an interdisciplinary field of study involving physical sciences. biological sciences and social sciences. Though Master of Arts in a science field might sound odd but Home Science is not only a Science but it is also an Art Form as it draws and synthesizes the knowledge. concepts and theories from Arts and Humanities as well. 

Any student who wishes to make a career in the nutrition and health sector, or the inter designing sector or wishes to go for food production or in the educational field must take this course. It is a course which is vocational in nature and provides so many job opportunities because the students are trained in the skills from all the major fields of study from the home sciences.

This course not only provides better job opportunities but also develops an understanding in the research methodological aspects as it provides the platform to the students to carry out research and present their dissertation during the span of the two years.


The minimum for any candidate to take admission to MA Home Science is that the candidate must have passed his/her BA Home Science or B. Sc. Home Science from any university that is recognized by Tribhuvan University.