Masters in Counseling Psychology

Masters in Counseling Psychology

2 years

The need of psychology is felt in every spheres of life that is why psychology has become one of the most reputed domains of learning worldwide. Despite its short history as a scientific discipline it has become one of the subjects having more than 100 sub-disciplines with many applied areas. Concepts in psychology are applicable to almost all other areas including nursing, medicine, management and engineering. Psychology is a discipline under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences which adopts scientific methods of inquiry to explore human behavior and human psyche undertakings.

Counseling Psychology prepares students help people with psychological disorders come out of their problem, counseling psychology is coming up as the new specialization area from this academic year. Specialization in counseling will address and solve psycho-social problems of vulnerable individuals and groups. It will produce skilled human resources for providing quality services in these areas; and Industrial Psychology prepares students deal with problems in organizational settings. All these specializations are applied areas in Psychology.


Candidates seeking admissions in Counseling Psychology must have passed Bachelor's Degree in the following subjects with at least Second division.

1. BA degree with major in psychology OR,2. Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) OR,3. Any Bachelor’s degree in Science (BSc) OR,4. Bachelor in Education OR,5. Master of Arts in Sociology/ Anthropology OR,6. Any Masters and 6 months training in Psychology OR,7. Nursing/MBBS/BHP/Health Management/Any health or medicine degree OR,8. BBA/BIM etc. ( Management degree with psychology, OB) OR,9. Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology OR,10. Any other academic bachelor degree other than other degree eg BBS **** Note: Such students must have at least 3 credits or 100 marks course in General Psychology, (core psychology course).

Admission Criteria

Admission Procedures

The candidate will be selected for admission on the basis of merit as given below:

Entrance Examination

Applicants will take a written examination of 1 hour for admissions in M.A. in Counseling Psychology program. The entrance examination will consist of 50 questions of 100 marks. Students will be selected on the basis of merit within the limit of total enrollment provision of the University. 

Curricular Structure


First Semester

  • Foundation of Counseling
  • Life-span development
  • Mental health and abnormal behavior
  • Multicultural psychology and counseling
  • Community based psychosocial services

Second Semester

  • Counseling communication skills(practicum)
  • Assessment in Counseling
  • Counseling supervision ( theory & practice)
  • Person Centered therapy ( theory & practice)
  • Behavioral therapy ( TH/ PR)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy ( TH/ PR)

Third Semester –

  • Assessment in Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Solution focused counseling
  • Counseling with children/ adolescents
  • Research Methods II 

Forth Semester

  • Expressive Therapies ( PR)
  • School Counseling
  • Introduction to Crisis Management
  • Trauma Counseling
  • Disaster ManagementOR Critical Thinking(PR)Or Current psychosocial problem: Issue and InterventionThesis writing