Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology - Tribhuvan University

The need of psychology is felt in every spheres of life that is why psychology has become one of the most reputed domains of learning worldwide. Despite its short history as a scientific discipline it has become one of the subjects having more than 100 sub-disciplines with many applied areas. Concepts in psychology are applicable to almost all other areas including nursing, medicine, management and engineering. Psychology is a discipline under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences which adopts scientific methods of inquiry to explore human behavior and human psyche undertakings.

Despite such widening scope and applied values, Tribhuvan University is the sole university in Nepal that has introduced major courses in psychology. Central Department of Psychology is the only department of Tribhuvan University that is providing higher education in psychology for number of decades. This department offers Master degree courses focused on three areas: clinical psychology, counselling psychology and industrial psychology. Padma Kanya Multiple Campus, BaghbazarBaghbazar has introduced master level in clinical psychology and will be running the program from this academic year 2070 B.S (2014).

Clinical Psychology prepares students help people with psychological disorders come out of their problem, counseling psychology is coming up as the new specialization area from this academic year. Specialization in counseling will address and solve psycho-social problems of vulnerable individuals and groups. It will produce skilled human resources for providing quality services in these areas;and Industrial Psychology prepares students deal with problems in organizational settings. All these specializations are applied areas in Psychology.

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Admission criteria

Admission Procedures

The candidate will be selected for admission on the basis of merit as given below:

Entrance Examination

Applicants will take awritten examination of 1 hour for admissions in M.A. Psychology program. The entrance examination will consist of 100 marks; 50 marks for objective questions. and 50 for students’ previous acamedic records (+2 and bachleors). Students will be selected on the basis of merit within the limit of total enrollment provision of the University. Students from psychology major will be given 50% of the allocated seats and other groups mentioned above will be given rest of the seats.

Salient features

Duration of the Course and Examinations

Each course will be evaluated against l00 marks. The marks are divided into 60:40 grading system- 60% for the final examination and 40% for the internal evaluation. Internal evaluation will be based on continuous monitoring by the supervisor and faculties using specified tools. The 40 marks are further divided into internal examination as follows:

A minimum of 80 percent attendance will be required to appear in the term end examination of the department. Students who fail in the internal examination/evaluation will not be qualified to appear in the term end examination.

Field Work/Practicum/Internship

Students will be required to carry out psychological test and use tools in laboratory to prepare practical report. They will also have to go for field/ community work. The field work will give them opportunity to expand their education beyond the classroom. Field work practicum helps students apply the knowledge learned in the classroom in real field settings, shape leadership skills, and create professional connections within specific areas of interest.

The goal of field education is to integrate classroom learning with the development of competence in practice. Students are placed in different settings that provide them with experiences in community work, hospitals, schools, NGOs, INGOs, institutions, administration, advocacy, community development, social planning, and policy analysis. The students will learn from these settings as well as from the clients and communities they serve.

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Admissions to Master in Psychology is open to the following students:

1. Humanities and Social Sciences:

a. Bachelors in Arts (BA) with psychology major,

b. Post graduate diploma in counseling psychology (PGDCP)

c. Bachelors in Film Studies (BFS)

d. Bachelors in Social Work (BSW), at least 3 credits or 100 mark course in general psychology

2. Science: BSc and equivalent

3. Management**:

  • Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA),
  • Bachelors in Business Administration – Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI),
  • Bachelors in Business Administration - Travel and Tourism (BBA-TT),
  • Bachelors in Conflict, Peace and Development (BCPD),
  • Bachelors in Information Management (BIM),
  • Bachelors in Business Information System (BBIS),
  • Bachelors in Hotel Management (BHM),
  • Bachelors in Health Care Management (BHCM),

The students seeking admission must have a minimum of second division in their Bachelor degree for the admission from any university recognized by Tribhuvan University.

**Note: Such students must have at least 3 credits or 100 marks course in General Psychology, (core psychology course).

Curricular structure


The Master in Psychology is a 60 credit-hour degree program in combination of the current needs of the communities. This course intends to develop professional psychologists having broad range of skills, knowledge in administration of psychological tools.

This curriculum will address different areas of psychology related to human life. It will produce professional psychologists essential in various human service organizations and social field. Professional knowledge in psychology will contribute to social up-liftment. The area is significant to tackle the issues of individuals, families, groups and communities.

The practical exercises of tools and theories will enhance the students’ opportunities to practice their theoretical knowledge obtained in the classroom into the field by enriching their ability to deal with different psycho-social issues and problems toward better solutions of these hurdles.

View detail course structure here: Course Structure of MA Psychology Tribhuvan University.pdf